River City Tanlines - I'm Your Negative CD

$ 5.00

NEW Dirtnap Records. "a dangerous romp of pool-hall jukebox metal that rivaled the Runaways straight out the gate with addictive hooks, spine-breaking basslines and brilliant songs that seemed to hit the mullet on the business end without a breather." - Brett Cross, Victim Of TIme Debut full length (following last year's awesome single comp LP/CD on Soul Is Cheap/Dirtnap) from Memphis, TN's River City Tanlines finds Alicja Trout ( Lost Sounds, Black Sunday, Mouserocket, Clears, Fitts, Contaminated Records/Mailorder etc etc etc) expanding her already extensive songwriting palate to include 80's HC, pure pop, hard rock, dirty garage rock, and much more, with hardly a keyboard (her signature in the Lost Sounds years) in sight. But the River City Tanlines isn't just Alicja Trout. It's guitar-bass-drums propelled forward by the most solid rock rhythm section of the south: John Bonds and Terrance Bishop, who have spun it with RL Burnside, T-Model Ford, Dale Hawkins, Fat Possum's Kenny Brown, Jack Oblivian's Tearjerkers, and Mr. Airplane Man's Margaret Garret.