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New York

I’m always talking about how American music came from many places and all came together in New Orleans, but American music also all came together in New York...from the Big Easy to the Big Apple...while the Great Famine brought a million Irish to New York City, the hope for freedom and the end of slavery would soon lead to the Great Migration. While Ellis Island brought in 12 million ( from all over the world to New York City in the latter years of the 19th century and first half of the 20th century, during the same years the Great Migration saw over 5 million blacks in the South moving north to urban areas such as Chicago, Detroit and New York (britannica). Neighborhoods provided home and haven for immigrants from Asia, Jews and Catholics from Eastern Europe, and populations from every country in Latin America. New York at the turn of the century was alive with vaudeville entertainers, ragtime performers, and the Great White Way. Soon after, recorded music and the Harlem Renaissance would permanently change American music, American culture, and the world of black Americans. From that, came the world of today.

While the lack of the huge publishing houses of Europe played a huge part in creating the short story, the 78 rpm 10” played a huge part in creating the popularity of the short song, and the Harlem Renaissance help showed the world that black Americans deserved respect and attention. From that attention, came a huge part of the American music of today.  

Hats off to New York City, and all the other cities of the State of New York. -- winch (green noise records)