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Primitive Teeth – S/T [MARKED DOWN HALF PRICE] – New 7"
Dirt Cult Records

Primitive Teeth – S/T [MARKED DOWN HALF PRICE] – New 7"

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As soon as that driving bass comes in, I know I’m gonna love Chicago’s PRIMITIVE TEETH! They bring everything that got me into punk. Urgent, echoing vocals. Drums that pummel the skulls of the oppressors. Catchy, melodic, angry riffs.
- CVLT Nation

Christine, Bryan and Keara have all been participating in the Chicago DIY punk scene for well over 20 years with no signs of slowing down. Between the three of them they have been in over 15 bands ranging from hardcore projects Violent End and Manipulation to brooding and melodic bands Daylight Robbery and Split Feet. This range of experience and influences create a blend of moody melodic post-punk that is tinged with urgency, melancholy and anxiety. Christine’s haunting vocals and guitar riffs will linger in your head long after listening and Bryan’s driving bass lines pair seamlessly with Keara’s genre bending and unique style of drumming. It’s a mixture that is refreshingly honest.
released May 20, 2020
Chicago's Primitive Teeth features members of Violent End, Split Feet, Daylight Robbery, Chronic Seizure and plays what Bandcamp Daily said was "classic style of punk (straightforward and accessible, with a dark edge and a little bit of swagger), with subject matter feels utterly of our time." To me, they sound like what I would imagine Siouxsie and the Banshees would if they were a hardcore band. But however you label them, this is an absolutely stunning debut. 

Recorded and Mixed by: David Wolf, Sound For Sandwiches, September 2019.
Mastered by: Daniel Husayn, North London Bomb Factory
Artwork and Art Direction: Art Frésan
Recorded at The Secret Chamber, October 2019

Special thanks to our extraordinary producer Pickle.
All songs written by and property of Primitive Teeth, 2019.

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