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Pulse Emitter -Spiritual Vistas - New LP
Expansive Records / Cylindrical Habitat Modules Records

Pulse Emitter -Spiritual Vistas - New LP

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With an array of handmade modular and vintage keyboard synthesizers Daryl Groetsch crafts melodic and layered compositions that evoke microscopic and interstellar landscapes inspired by nature, science fiction and the cosmos. Groetsch has been working under the Pulse Emitter monicker since 2002, composing and recording in his Portland, OR home studio. Writer David Keenan has called Pulse Emitter “the undisputed king of planetary scale synth one is making synth music that feels so organic, so rapturous and so ‘in tune’ with the contours of outer and inner space as Groetsch.”


Edition of 500, a split label release between Expansive and Cylindrical Habitat Modules.

"Major new release from Daryl Groetsch aka Pulse Emitter, still the stand-out performer to come out of the whole cosmo-synth explosion. Spiritual Vistas spans four tracks of heady devotional synth spectra that combine the high gothic mass style of early planet-devouring Tangerine Dream with a deep elemental/environmental feels that is profoundly affecting. Unlike the bulk of the current crop there's little 80s nostalgia or new wave fluff to Groetsch's vision of new synthesized sound. ... No one is making synth music that feels so organic, so rapturous and so 'in tune' with the contours of outer and inner space as Groetsch and this just might be the masterpiece that we've been waiting for from him. You could live inside this. Edition of 500 copies. Highly recommended."
-David Keenan/Volcanic Tongue

"If you thought, like I did, that Pulse Emitter could never top last year’s sublime Over Clouds tape on Root Strata, then prepare to receive a sonic slap to the face from Spiritual Vistas, Daryl Groetsch’s newest full-length. This vinyl release comes riding on waves of “album of the year” hype and, with vibes this beautiful, it’s hard to fight it. Constantly developing and changing the ambient synth-gaze scene for the better, I’d say it’s about time we named a solar system after Pulse Emitter. Exciting and vital music. Enormous recommendation." --Zen Effects 

Composed and recorded by Daryl Groetsch.
Synthesizers: Oberheim OB-8, Ensoniq ESQ-1, analog modular.
Effects: Lexicon PCM 80.
cover art by Julian Gulyas

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