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Pornadoes - Go Tiger Go – New LP
Self Released

Pornadoes - Go Tiger Go – New LP

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While this starts off with instrumental surf rock and often returns to it, this set also goes into both western swing and rockabilly, helping clear the fog from the bridges that have always run between those different styles.  -- winch (green noise)

"The 4th album by Seattle-based “Worlds’ Only Swingasurfajazzabilly Band”, The Pornadoes. Their second outing with lead-singer Jasper McCann, “Go Tiger GO!” picks up where their previous album Launchpad Omega left off… showcasing a tightly-written array of charts in their signature style, a seamless blend of rockabilly, surf, western country swing, and jazz. “Go Tiger, GO!” is filled with the blistering guitar work of J. “Mr. Goessl” Goessl, adeptly supported by the stellar bass playing of E. “Chet Gracenote” Sobotta and the thunderous drumming of T. “Tommy Ramshaft” Zgnoc. McCann’s lyrics offer more “swingasurfajazzabilly” delights, ranging from a rockabilly jazz chart about a lady heartbreaker named after an English folk hero (“Robbin’ Hood”), to a cheeky country song about a gal who's ready to move on ("Waiting On A Spring Divorce") to the revenge-ballad/rocker, “Trouble’s Gonna Find You”

released April 20, 2019

Rail RIpper: McCann
Thunderhead: McCann
You Dodged A Bullet: McCann/Goessl
Trouble's Gonna Find You: McCann/Goessl
RIght Kind Of Woman: McCann
Lone Wolf: McCann
Go Tiger, GO!: McCann
Twilight Waves: McCann/Goessl
Waiting for a Spring Divorce: McCann/Goessl
Robbin' Hood: McCann/Goessl
Home On The Range: Traditional

All Lyrics by: McCann

All Songs Arranged by: The Pornadoes

The Pornadoes:
J. "Mr. Goessl" Goessl: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
J. "Jasper McCann" McIlvain: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
E. "Chet Gracenote" Sabotta: Acoustic & Electric Basses, Backing Vocals
T. "Tommy Ramshaft" Zgonc: Trap Kit, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Backing Vocals on "Thunderhead" by: Jonathan Plum

Recorded at London Bridge in Shoreline, Washington, U.S.A. on January 26 & 27, 2019. It was recorded nowhere near the supervision of Rudy Van Gelder. No pitch correction of any kind was used in the making of this record.

Engineered by: Jonathan Plum
Mixed by: Jonathan Plum
Mastered by: Levi Seitz of Blackbelt Mastering
Album Artwork: Bob Lindenmayer

instagram: @nadoesbandsea


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