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Poison Boys – Out of My Head – New LP
Dead Beat Records

Poison Boys – Out of My Head – New LP

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Released 2019.  Includes cover of Larry Williams "Slow Down."
"Unhinged, riff-heavy, sleazy pub punk rock. One part New York Dolls, one part Pretty Things. Add a touch of Jet and Ramones.  Good ol' foot stompin', air punching ruck 'n' roll."
This album is dedicated to the loving memory of Mike Lippman and Jenna Carlisle, who both passed away in August 2014 in an accidental drug overdose. Mike was a founding member of the Poison Boys, an original guitarist/songwriter and most of all a friend. Jenna was a beautiful person and a wonderful friend. The two of them will never be forgotten, and this band is a continued tribute to keeping their memory alive.
RIP Mike and Jenna.

Big thanks to everyone who has been a fan of the band or helped the band out in any way shape or form since our inception in 2014. It is because of you that this record was possible.
Spread the love, Rock and Roll will never die!!!!

released July 12, 2019


Matt Dudzik - Vocals, Guitar (1-4, 6-12), Bass (6, 10), Drums (1-3, 7, 10)
Adam Sheets - Bass (1-5, 7-9, 11-12), Guitar (5, 9)
Matt Chaney - Drums (4-6, 8-9, 11-12)


Alex Reindl - Piano (1, 3, 12)
Dr. Mark - Piano (2, 6-7)
Eli Wilson - Saxophone (8)
Ceejay R'Moan - Percussion

Recorded & Mixed by CJ Rayson Spring 2018
Mastered by Shimby McCreery

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