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Old Firm Casuals - For the Love of it All... [Blue with Black Smoke 2XLP]  - New LP
Pirates Press Records

Old Firm Casuals - For the Love of it All... [Blue with Black Smoke 2XLP] - New LP

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New LP.  Lars Frederiksen and the Never Healed boys.  blue with  smoke vinyl.  reissue of compilation released first issued in 2013. Double LP.  Old Firm tracks taken from singles, splits and comps. 


A1 We Want The Lion's Share
A2 The Rabble
A3 Army Of One
A4 A Gang Like Us
A5 We Don't Bury Our Dead
A6 Ignorant Ones
B1 The Wire
B2 Skinhead
B3 Bloodsucker
B4 We're All Gonna Die
B5 You Better Start Runnin'
B6 I Remain
B7 Violence In Our Minds
C1 Public Enemy
C2 Death Dealers
C3 Red, White ~N~ Blue
C4 Love Street Kid
C5 Rat Race
C6 D.M.D.P.
D1 Born Criminal
D2 Gag Order
D3 Don't Worry About Me
D4 March On
D5 For The Love Of It All...

"Hands down Born Criminal is my favorite song they have done musically. All three parts are fucking awesome. Tight, rocking, on point, and razor sharp are some of the thoughts that go through my head when I listen to this track.  The lyrics yet again feel forced to fit an image and not a way of life. Gag Order comes smashing through the gate. Fast with a beat that feels like a bar fight in a good way!! Classic good sound...a real toe tapper for sure. Almost sounds like it came off the first Bastards record.  Lars' vocals on this track are some of my favorite on the whole record. Here is another example that when they want, TOFC can write a great fucking punk song. I love singing this song out loud at the top of my lungs. Marching On thumps with a swagger and a rocking guitar. It is that classic look back on yesterday and looking forward for those that live a hard life or come from rough beginnings and for those who took their way out through serving our country.  I am a sucker for a tribute for those who serve in the Armed Forces, so I give this solid track two thumbs up."

"From Casey Watson’s first ominous chords striking the arrival of ‘We Want The Lion’s Share’ ringing out like thunder signalling the approach of a perfect storm, feeding into the tommy gun patter of Paul Rivas’ drumming, shooting Lars Frederiksen’s rip snarling vocals in their gritty, gravel chewing mouth, this is a collection of songs that is born and bred in the eyes of guys your mom would rather you refrain from spending time Lars himself has pointed out in a great many past interviews, you don’t choose punk, punk chooses you. 

"Yes, these are the records that can change lives. I’ve no doubt this collection of Oi!/street punk gems will, somewhere out there, show a kid (or adult) what he’s been missing and turn him onto a whole world of musical rebellion and identity, from Last Resort to Cock Sparrer to The Clash to Little Richard. I envy them."



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