Nots - 3 - New LP
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Nots - 3 - New LP

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Three deep into their LP output but clearly keeping their edge-of-your-seat urgency, running at it like a band straight from the gate, gripping the urgency from go to whoa, trimmed down to a trio, punk-rock power punching along like a pissed-off kid on a pogo stick pounding across the pavement, rhythm right in your face, delivered with drum kit and guitars, a sense of menace throughout like when the tornado watch turns to a warning, lost their keyboardist but still electronic sounds ringing out, never boring, first studio album since 2017. 

-- winch   



AllMusic Review by Nots were a quartet on their first two albums, 2014's We Are Nots and 2016's Cosmetic, but after keyboard player Alexandra Eastburn dropped out of the lineup, guitarist and vocalist Natalie Hoffmann, bassist Meredith Lones, and drummer Charlotte Watson opted not to replace her. Nots' 2019 album 3 sounds leaner and less aggressively dissonant than their earlier work, but it sure doesn't feel like they've tamed themselves. If anything, Hoffman's guitar work is harder and more primal here, as if she's hoping to compensate for the absent screech of Eastburn's keys, and the clouds of electronic noise and billows of feedback that float through the songs confirm that this band's commitment to skronk remains strong. Though Hoffman's vocals still hover somewhere between petulance and boredom, this time out she puts a force and bite into her delivery that brings the material across with greater impact. And Meredith Lones and Charlotte Watson are an impressively powerful rhythm section, with the unrelenting pulse of Lones' bass and the metronomic crack of Watson's drums adding energy and texture as well as a solid foundation for the melodies. Nots like to describe themselves as a "weird punk" band, and the key to 3 is that the group might be less noisy, but ultimately they're no less weird, and if the album sounds like they're still making sense of their new configuration, their eyes are still on the buzzy prize, and this is a great, challenging, off-center rock album.

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