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Mind, The – Edge Of The Planet [IMPORT] – New LP
Drunken Sailor Records [UK]

Mind, The – Edge Of The Planet [IMPORT] – New LP

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"The future has arrived. And so have THE MIND. A cross-country collaboration made possible by modern technologies but driven by that ancient spirit of creative cooperation between like-minded musical peers. Who are these people you ask? Would calling them two guys from HOMOSTUPIDS and DRYROT summon thoughts of screaming loud guitar rock and aggressive tempos? Perhaps I should refer to them as being members of URANIUM ORCHARD and PLEASURE LEFTISTS. That will get your head somewhere in the area code necessary to digest what has been laid down for us here. To add that they've also played in FACTORYMEN and COSMIC SAND DOLLARS should then make you raise an eyebrow just enough to realize that this LP goes out THERE to the perimeter. It's hard to pin down. Sci-fi post-punk new-wave punk-rock. It's beautiful and rhythmic and weird.

Robotic and organic. Future primitive. And I haven't even mentioned the vocals yet - radiant sonic transmissions tuned in straight out of the ether. A girl's voice to tie it all together with an elegant Gordian knot, giving warm life to the cold musical machinery. The cryptic lyrics she's singing so beautifully should not alarm you at all. The record is called 'Edge of the Planet'. The trip to get there
 starts now..


Yeah, we get it. You picked up the Coneheads record and the Uranium Club discography and you love telling people how much you’ve fallen for these weird little bands. Got news for you though, dude – great though they evidently are, it’s time you realised how thoroughly un-weird your favourite bands truly are. Let’s take a journey into the world of The Mind.

You’d probably classify this as ‘post-punk’, if only because that’s the only bracket into which they (very loosely) fit. Basslines pulse robotically while guitars splutter discordantly across sheets of static and electronic drums; like dub music shorn of its Caribbean groove and reinvented by retro-futuristic robots, hellbent on kicking out some brain-busting skronk while they wait for Skynet to take over.

Opener ‘Blah Bla Nothin’ weighs in like Pere Ubu staring at the chasm between ‘Dub Housing’ and ‘Lady From Shanghai’ before drowning in hiss, and ‘Enjoy Your Fantasy’ is the soundtrack to This Mortal Coil’s nightmares, powered by the distant sound of rolling drums and a fuzzy tension that bristles the hairs on the back of your neck while leaving you thoroughly unsettled. Elsewhere studio trickery and a dystopian sci-fi gloom hang over the whole thing like dust on a lampshade - basically it’s all over the place. And in case you hadn’t guessed, YES, ‘Edge of the Planet’ is all the better for it.

Exactly how The Mind came together is a mystery for other people to figure out; it’s enough to know that members of Pleasure Leftists, Homostupids and other bands somehow concocted these creeped-out masterpieces of thrilling discomfort. They’re as idiosyncratic and thoroughly in tune with their own voice as the early days of Throwing Muses; throwing their glorious chaos at the wall and allowing its own order to settle. Buy a copy, dummy – make weird your new normal."
Will Fitzpatrick

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