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Kikes, Los - S/T (black vinyl)- New LP
Kikes, Los - S/T (black vinyl)- New LP
Kikes, Los - S/T (black vinyl)- New LP
Kikes, Los - S/T (black vinyl)- New LP
Twintoe Records

Kikes, Los - S/T (black vinyl)- New LP

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Green Noise Exclusive!  In the United States, these kick-ass releases by Twintoe Records (Berlin) are only available at Green Noise Records!  


I'll never forget when I put the CD version of this LP in my car stereo, as its menace grabbed me from the wheel and dragged me down to petroleum beach, deep up a sewer pipe that drained on the beach and was the source of all that grime, deep up the pipe under the manhole covers of the city...was siked to see this was one of Twintoe's releases, not like their more recent offerings, but powerful and disturbing--cool! -- winch
Comes with big-ass poster and big-ass booklet.  
"Your speakers are fine.. this is the sound of Los Kikes - thrash, filth, hardcore, surf, d-beat, punk tunes straight out of the dungeon. This album, recorded back in 2004 by Charlie Megira became a cult within the Israeli hardcore/punk scene. Originally was released by Sshaking Recordss at 2006 on CD. Now on vinyl LP available for the first time in the United States via Green Noise Records.  Green Noise got 20 of each vinyl variation, the only ones available in the US, the others available in Berlin through Twintoe Records.
1st Vinyl press 12'' LP- 400 black + 100 transparent red and black marble 
all copies come with A1 poster, 20 page booklet and download code 


released April 18, 2017.  originally recorded and produced by Charlie Megira June 2004 at "HaGarin" studios, Tel Aviv, Israel.  Remixed and remasterd by Gad Torrefranca 2016, Tel Aviv, Israel 

All Songs by Los Kikes 

Los Kikes are: 

Kirio - Vox 
Batz - Drums 
Shuki - Bass 
Nadel - Guitar 
Yaniv - Guitar

At Green Noise, we strive to bring you the punk you know about and stuff we think you should know about, and for these releases, the stuff folks in the USA can't get anywhere else.  It took a lot of work (thanks Twintoe Records) to get these records to North America, and it was worth the effort!  Green Noise selected these Twintoe LPs with you in mind.  We knew most Green Noise customers would love this shit.  

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