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Hayley and the Crushers – S/T [YELLOW VINYL] – New LP
Hayley and the Crushers – S/T [YELLOW VINYL] – New LP
Eccentric Pop Records

Hayley and the Crushers – S/T [YELLOW VINYL] – New LP

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great set, pure garage-pop fun, fun as going to the record swap on Saturday Night, great as sucking the purple from a grape-flavored popsicle on a dog day in the summertime, going back to Suzi Soul, Ramones, and The Go-Go's for inspiration, going back to surf for lots of her guitar parts, kicking out the guitar licks and singing her songs about swap meets, love and having fun, popping bubblegum and pushing you to the ground, looking over her store-bought white-framed sunglasses, zipping up the chrome on her second-hand go-go boots. Go-go girl go.-- winch

One part punk-pop, one part sunny surf, all "poolside glitter trash," San Luis Obispo, California's Hayley and the Crushers offer up a tsunami of bold, bad girl fun. Fizzy, frothy, and a little dangerous, be careful just how far you paddle out. There's blood in the water and the mermaids in this part of the Crusherverse are known to nibble.

Hayley and the Crushers has already sent a chlorinated wave of electricity across the West Coast. Now, the San Luis Obispo, CA trio is ready to introduce the entire world to their wet and wild brand of "poolside glitter trash." Cool/Lame," released on 9/28/18 on Eccentric Pop Records is proudly hip, square, and full of reverb-soaked spunk. The band's 2016 full length "Jewel Case" has been applauded by Razorcake and Pork magazines for its "new oldies sound" reminiscent of the Go Gos, drive-in movies, and teenage hijinx. The trio's syrupy garage-tinged pop has been described as "like Bazooka Joe bubblegum stuck to the bottom of your combat boot," and front woman/guitarist Hayley Crusher is akin to Gidget with budget model Gretsch. Call them a "demonic version of the Go Gos" or just plain fun, and you'd be equally accurate. With wild stage antics and warm soda pop pumping through their veins, Hayley and the Crushers is a kind of frantic fun that can only have come from California's Crusherverse.

released September 28, 2018

Recorded by Bart Thurber, House of Faith Studios, Oakland, CA
Mastered by John Rogers
Guitar: Hayley Cain
Bass: Reid Cain
Drums: Gabriel Olivarria
Additional percussion: Chris Maneri

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