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Good Shade - Way Out - New LP
Dirtnap Records

Good Shade - Way Out - New LP

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“Way Out” is the 4th studio full length by Columbus Ohio's Good Shade.  
Good Shade is a punk/pop band from Columbus, Ohio. The project  
consists of one member, Shane Natalie, who composes and records all  
instruments and vocals on the recorded albums but features an array of  
Columbus musicians who bring the project to life for local and touring  
purposes. Shane Natalie started recording the first S/T LP in 2013  
with the help of Evan Wolff (Vacation, Pretty Pretty) following the  
break up of Tight Bros in which Natalie played drums. In addition to  
Tight Bros and Good Shade, Natalie has performed with Lose the Tude,  
Puberty Wounds, Pretty Pretty and The Sidekicks. Shane has also had  
the privilege to record for bands such as The Sidekicks, All Dogs,  
didi, Puberty Wounds, Pretty Pretty, Bomb the Music Industry and many  
more. He is presently an elementary Special Education teacher. The  
band's current touring lineup features Shane Natalie on guitar and  
vocals, Patrick Matanle (Toxic Womb, Puberty Wounds) on bass guitar  
and Chris Mengerink (Brat Curse) on drums and vocals.

Good Shade self-released (Gut Genug Recordings) the first S/T LP  
(vinyl, digitally) and second LP “Breakfast” (CD, digitally). The  
third LP “Lunch”, was released digitally through Jeff Rosenstock's  
Quote Unquote Records with limited vinyl distribution (125) through AF  
Record's Annual Record Club in addition to the remainder of the  
records being self-released (Gut Genug Recordings). While previous  
Good Shade releases have been inspired by political and social  
disparities, “Way Out”  primarily focuses on deteriorating mental  
health and increased social anxiety. True to Good Shade's nature, the  
album features a rock and roll combination of fast paced melodic pop  
punk and dark, cynical weirdness that keeps the listener engaged and  
curious. Though still lyrically abstract like its predecessors  
“Breakfast” and “Lunch”, the emotions “Way Out” elicits are  
identifiable and take a more personal turn, exposing the confused,  
frustrated and somewhat troubled mind of Natalie.

“Way Out” is a tempo-varied collection of rock and pop numbers; each  
song consisting of unpredictable vocal melodies, bright Telecaster  
tone and spastic but warm drums progressions. The album will be  
available digitally and on vinyl via Dirtnap Records.

Track List:
1.      Maybe
2.      We Were Wrong
3.      Must Have Been
4.      Apnea
5.      We’re Open
6.      Hurry It Up
7.      Credit Score
8.      Something’s Wrong
9.      401
10.     I Don’t Want Anymore
11.     Just Leave
12.     Where To

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