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GOLDEN BOYS - Dirty Fingernails [IMPORT] – New LP
Alien Snatch Records (Berlin)

GOLDEN BOYS - Dirty Fingernails [IMPORT] – New LP

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Maybe raised up on meals of various Texas legends from various styles, blues, hillbilly, soul, western swing, garage rock, and power pop, and nearby servings from folks in other places like Bobby Whitlock in Memphis and Captain Beefheart and Crazy Horse in California, using the ingredients to cook up their own servings of hillbilly and punk R&B, stopping at the filling stations and drive-ins along the way and motoring the Greyhound bus across those wide expanses and urban terrains of their homeland Texas, places on the map between Louisiana and the Mojave Desert, Tulsa and Tucson, Memphis and Los Angeles...keep them fingernails dirty and slide the window halfway open. -- winch (green noise)

I’m not sure what growing up was like for everyone (for obvious reasons), but I remember rock ‘n’ roll radio. Hearing that slight crackle of AM radio*, fantastic tones from eras I was too young to have lived in, but old enough to feel a part of. Dirty Fingernails, acts like a window into that beautiful bygone world. “California” is an organ-laden anthem for a warm summer day. Shades of REIGNING SOUND are littered throughout; I highly recommend this ditty for your next road trip mixtape. “Run Away” demonstrates the incessant power of the GOLDEN BOYS. Not many make this style of rock music anymore. Music with feeling and color, tears and warmth, and just damn great playing. The GOLDEN BOYS are most definitely seasoned players, easily blending the greatest of rock’s historical genres to paramount listener satisfaction. If you can’t tap your toes to or get pulled into the honest sentiment of the title track “Dirty Fingernails”, have a plot prepared.“Outta the Dark” treads into COMPULSIVE GAMBLERS territory. A juke joint melody for the masses. “Older than You” rolls with such a powerful tide of rock soul. I can imagine this song getting hummed in the collective minds of millions; it’s got a relentlessly catchy melody and a steamy soulful backbone. “Sidewalk” is a 70s Stones-E™ masterpiece. It would fit somewhere in the Goat’s Head Soup-era or Oscar Robertson prime NBA era (if you look at things in this manner.

"This record presents them as kind of like a less refined, more musically raw answer to modern garage rock elder statesmen REIGNING SOUND, while at the same time giving a nod to the hooky pop of ELVIS COSTELLO And The ATTRACTIONS...Dirty Fingernails is easily on my top five records of this year so far, and I predict it’s there to stay. It’s an instant classic and gets my highest recommendation".

"Punk in spirit, rifling through dirty R&B, outlaw country, and vintage pop, Austin's the Golden Boys embody every great idiom of rock & roll."

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