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Fitness Womxn – New Age Record – New LP
Fitness Womxn – New Age Record – New LP
Sorry State Records

Fitness Womxn – New Age Record – New LP

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no wave inspired anaerobic indigestion from Carrboro, North Carolina. Your future created.

“Sorry State presents New Age Record, the debut vinyl from North Carolina’s Fitness Womxn. Adding a synth player since their earlier cassette-only release, Macho City(Acid Etch Records), New Age Record finds one of North Carolina’s most enigmatic and exciting bands delivering on the promise of their three contributions to the American Idylls compilation earlier this year. While Fitness Womxn’s grooving post-punk / no wave-informed music might remind you of any number of historical antecedents, they don’t have the studied air of historical reenactors. Instead, their music is of the moment, not only addressing the complications, tragedies, and absurdities of post-modern life in their lyrics, but also sounding like a fleeting lightning-strike of energy, imagination, and possibility. Like the Raincoats or early Public Image, Ltd, Fitness Womxn’s songs sound like dangerous alchemical reactions, influences and emotions and ideas sometimes swirling around one another hypnotically, sometimes exploding like droplets of water hitting hot oil. For all of its ambition, though, New Age Record is as exhilarating as it is challenging, with more than enough moments of catchiness and danceability to keep you flipping it over and over.”

Sorry State Records, 2019. released December 20, 2019.  Constructons and chaos by Fitness Womxn: Ditch Witch, Trash Bag, Dirt Diva, Volt Vixen.

Recorded by Ian Rose on Pine Street August 2018.
Mastered by Nathan Taylor.
Cover by Ada Morrigan.
Insert Photography by Alex Craig.

Endless thanks all North Carolina weirdos for making such a beautifully freaky scene. Special thanks to Sorry State for putting out New Age Record.

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