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Crim - Pare Nostre que Esteu A L'infern [IMPORT] - New LP
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Crim - Pare Nostre que Esteu A L'infern [IMPORT] - New LP

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Black vinyl/SILVER FOIL sleeve (export version w/ English lyric sheet).  Punk from Tarragona (Spain).  2018.

 "Crim is an underappreciated gem.” - Kevin Finn

RAZORCAKE: "I am at a loss to understand why this band is not talked about more, especially when it has now produced three top notch albums, full of big, melodic punk anthems. I know we cannot all appreciate the same things but Crim really does excel at what it does. Pare Nostre Que Esten a L’Infern, or roughly translated “Our Father Who Art in Hell,” carries on in exactly the same vein as its predecessor Blau Sang, Vermell Cel with a wall of sound and many instances where it makes me want to punch the air with glee. There is a clear emphasis also on the lead guitar throughout, much more than has been in evidence before, adding plenty to the songs, and which at times is reminiscent of Stiff Little Fingers’ Jake Burns. Sung in Catalan, the vocals are gruff and sit well within the whole package, giving an air of streetpunk to the music. Geddon and join the Crim crew, you won’t regret it." –Rich Cocksedge


"CRIM is arguably the biggest band in Catalonia, playing to thousands over and over again, and writing powerful songs that are in many ways driving a very much flourishing scene in Northern Spain - in a place where people put tremendous emphasis on maintaining their culture and language.

"As many other European bands have done, it would be very easy to cave to the pressures of the industry and market, writing and performing songs in English (or even Spanish in this case), but this band has chosen a clear path of authenticity and respect for their roots.

"CRIM's popularity outside the Catalonian region has been growing rapidly, as that same sense of authenticity trickles down into the music itself, and their “no compromise“ approach to writing and performing powerful and catchy tunes is in many ways universal - and for fans, easily identifiable and inviting, regardless of what language they speak.

"Anyone has who is seen this band live or heard their two previous albums can attest to the power and drive that fuels this impressively talented group of free thinking musicians. In line with those two previous releases, this new full length delivers tenfold; showing people across the world that CRIM are a band worth paying attention to!

"This US version includes a silver foil stamped gatefold jacket, and an English translation of the lyrics on the innersleeve."


A Side: 
1. Potser no hi ha final 
2. Hivern Etern 
3. Caiguda Lliure 
4. La Puta Copa del Rei 
5. Pare Nostre Que Esteu A L'Infern 
6. Ullals de Llet

B Side: 
1. Quan Tornin Les Sirenes 
2. Viure o Existir 
3. De Debò 
4. Himnes Contra El Temps 
5. L'Instint dels Animals 
6. Quan tot sigui fosc


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