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Control Freaks, The ‎– She's the Bomb –  New LP
Slovenly Records

Control Freaks, The ‎– She's the Bomb – New LP

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 "full length hunk o’ junk from San Francisco’s last standing Budget Rockers THE CONTROL FREAKS! You should know what to expect here by now, so don’t make us waste our bad breath trying to explain it to you, gum boy. But this time there’s not one, but TWO covers of ‘77 KBD genius - both from Australia, and both by BABEEZ! One of our most worshipped singles ever by a long shot gets the ridiculous(ly enthusiastic) Greg Lowery treatment on “Dowanna Love,” with newly added C-FREAK Sherrilynn Nelson taking over vox doody for “Nobody Wants Me," and smashing some cheap keys on the rest of the LP, adding a new layer of scuzz to the classic G-Lo beat! So yeah, like, the new LP is called “She’s The Bomb,” and IT is the bomb, and it certainly has more to offer than just two cool cover songs.

This thing is loaded (and we know “loaded”) with hit after smash hit like “I Hate Your Face,” “Hate List,” and we wish there was at least one more song with “Hate” in the title, but “Creep You Out” is on the level, and you’re gonna need a “First Aid Kit” when this sucker’s done tearing you a new one. But what do we know? We make no claims about being any smarter than this LP."


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