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Chain Whip – Two Step From Hell EP [EUROPEAN SLEEVE: UK IMPORT] – New 12"
Chain Whip – Two Step From Hell EP [EUROPEAN SLEEVE: UK IMPORT] – New 12"
Drunken Sailor Records

Chain Whip – Two Step From Hell EP [EUROPEAN SLEEVE: UK IMPORT] – New 12"

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6 tracks of Vancouver, BC hardcore.
Chain Whip formed in 2018 with the sole intention of playing their favorite blend of hardcore punk. Part KBD, part California beach, part grimy Vancouver. This 12" E.P. finds the band in a faster, more furious mode with five original tracks written and recorded in the height of the 2020 Pandemic. 3 tracks are re-recorded and polished versions from their 2020 Demo (being pressed on LP RIGHT NOW by No Spirit in Germany) while the others are brand new Chain Whip recordings. The final track, Death Was Too Kind was written by Brian Goble and recorded by the Subhumans.

From the band: "For me it started in December 2019 when a developer unveiled a 5 million dollar chandelier to hang from the Granville Street Bridge - a testament to wealth and the city's cluelessness. A smug fuck you on display for the world to ogle while people froze in sleeping bags underneath. That insult grew into something more tangible. 2020 was the year that an ever-worsening overdose epidemic was too boring for most news cycles. We watched citizens of North America get murdered in real time by pigs. White supremacists marched in the streets, encouraged by their revered grifters. Major news corporations backed both on primetime while demonizing people for just wanting to stay alive. We sat back, depressed and tuned into the images. We wished that we could just pull the plug on the nightmare around us. We attended some demonstrations, organized some benefits. Stayed home and we drank and drugged. We tried to sleep away the reality. Just like pollution makes the sunsets richer, we danced that good beat; a dependable, monotonous, continuous death. It hasn't quite come for us yet but we're still dancing to that tune - ever closer to the edge. Two Step To Hell. Meaner, faster, and a bit more pissed off."

Canada/US pressing via Neon Taste Records
UK/Europe pressing via Drunken Sailor Records

Recorded by Braden Decorby
Mixed and Mastered by Daniel at North London Bomb Factory

Ferocious sonic attack from Vancouver, Canada, coming out of the world of today like a pissed off protester after an 16-month quarantine, coming at you like a pack of canine, like the name of the band and the name of the album suggests, lashing out at anything in sight, ripping out their own territory like a caged animal freed on an unexpecting world, the band packed tight and charging forward!  -- winch



"...blazing, ear-shredding, soul-soaring, fist-raising punk rock songs. Especially ones that race by at 150mph, while implicitly daring you to scream along with every line and probably dismantle all your furniture by bouncing all over it. Just ask Chain Whip; they know all about it. Hailing from the Canadian city of Vancouver and comprising members of Fashionism, Corner Boys and more, Chain Whip don’t so much sound ‘in thrall’ to the sounds of 1980s hardcore punk as ‘completely inhabited by the spirit’ of it, in the best way possible. They snarl, they holler, they roar.  This is hardcore as in ‘the snottiest rock’n’roll imaginable’; no shitty metal involved. -- Will Fitzpatrick.

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