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bauwaves - u r everything - New LP
Salinas Records

bauwaves - u r everything - New LP

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bauwaves sound like they've appeared right out of the pages of Our Band Could Be Your Life or an SST Records catalog circa 1987." - Faster and Louder

debut album. available on LP from Salinas Records.

released January 10, 2020

lew houston: guitar/vocals
rob barbato: bass
art limon: drums

recorded and mixed spring/summer 2019 by rob barbato at comp-ny ATX

mastered by justin perkins at mystery room mastering
While the focus on depression seems too much for some (see Max RnR review below), this doesn't seem depressing to me.  They bring the music down to the darkness with the lyrics and claustrophobic sounds, but they also seem to be using the driving rhythms to help shovel out of the darkness, and the last cut--the title track--might even offer some hope, "Nothing in your life ever happened without you."  The album might be far from uplifting, but the music seems an accurate portrayal of depression, and the sonic directions soars up from Pandora's box.  Along with the dread and pain, something else lifts from that crate. -- winch


Thoughtful and brooding indie punk that is a bit like an updated and pared-down take on grunge. Introspective lyrics explore feelings of depression, alienation, and grief while the repetition and minimalism of the riffs kind of drill those feelings into your head. There’s a true thread of deep heartbreak and pain, which is likely to resonate with some, but without some kind of redemption, I find it hard to vibe with the untempered sadness.

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