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Nunofyrbeeswax – Stratotoaster [BLACK VINYL.  Import: US Green Noise Exclusive] – New LP
Nunofyrbeeswax – Stratotoaster [BLACK VINYL.  Import: US Green Noise Exclusive] – New LP
Nunofyrbeeswax – Stratotoaster [BLACK VINYL.  Import: US Green Noise Exclusive] – New LP
Nunofyrbeeswax – Stratotoaster [BLACK VINYL.  Import: US Green Noise Exclusive] – New LP
Nunofyrbeeswax – Stratotoaster [BLACK VINYL.  Import: US Green Noise Exclusive] – New LP
Twintoe Records

Nunofyrbeeswax – Stratotoaster [BLACK VINYL. Import: US Green Noise Exclusive] – New LP

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 NUNOFYRBEESWAX - Stratotoaster LP

"Stratotoaster starts off modestly. Like a lit fuse on a rock & roll Roman candle, it doesn’t take long before brilliant fireballs start shooting out in all directions. This album is brimming with catchy-ass head bobbers. 'Glitch' and 'Danse Sauvage' are sure to set crowds into a frenzy. Angela and Dave take turns adding vocals across the album's 10 tracks, sometimes combining to the listener's delight like on the prickly chorus of 'Immerse'.‍  Angela's bouncy, sometimes creeping vocals are unstoppable. They spark flames on 'Touch Too Much', inspiring me to go out into the city streets wearing a snakeskin leotard in order to climb a sky scraper while screaming "NOW IT'S TIME FOR A TOUCH TOO MUCH YEAH." Angela also pounds out rhythms on a minimal floor-tom + snare setup. Her vocals and drums combined are enough to start a stampede. Once you bring in Dave Grolsch's hot-rod guitar the Earth begins to rattle. 'Rock and Roll Specimen' sounds like someone strapped Chuck Berry to a jetpack and launched him into the stratosphere. 'Immerse' is like the creature from the black lagoon was handed an electric guitar and an overdriven amp. A highlight for me is 'What's Yr Problem'. Hearing the riff is is like getting slapped in the face by an electric eel. Towards the end of this song, the song is deconstructed into base elements as it tangles with hydraulic robot noises. Then horns proudly announce the return of the fully fleshed-out chorus before the song sputters out into static echoes. It's an epic battle between a rock & roll deity and a gigantic space robot (I would watch that movie). Over the 10 song fireworks show-gone-awry that is Stratotoaster, the music never ceases to get the head bobbing and the toes curling. When I first saw Nunofyrbeeswax perform at Festival de la Cour Denis in 2017 I was hypnotized. How can just two people create such an explosive, heart-pumping sound?! I imagine that hearing and seeing the songs of Stratotoaster performed live might be enough to make me spontaneously combust. I look forward to that day." (Odd House)


"Angela, Davide and Juan - Nunofyrbeeswax, write and play pop songs in a minimal
setup - as raw as their heart beats. Their sound has been described as idiosyncratic blend of garage rock, post-punk, and proto-punk. Their music escapes easy associations , however, they have reminded audiences of bands such as Half Japanese, the Velvet Underground, The Ex, The Fall, B52's and The Cramps."

"It was when I got to mix one of their shows in Bei Ruth (RIP) and finally got exposed to this very honest and sympathetic punk rock manifestation - Nunofyrbeeswax (and be sure you see this name around A LOT around Berlin), made up of 2 very rumbling combo of Spanish - Angela and Italian - Davide (by now already enough to fall in love with), not sparing a drop of sweat or drip of energy they got left up their sleeves just to produce their finest raw and energised rocknroll that one like me got nothing but love to. Faster than you know - we became brothers and sisters from other mothers and misters (Must be that 'way too close to Equator' vibe our origins have in common), shared the stage several times with Tanning Bats and always shared the common devotion to 'kill from the heart' On one other of these grey boring days at the end of the year, here in Berlin, if the sky could speak, it would literally be yelling again and again - "This is going nowhere" (huh and look at us now). I get a very surprising call that very quickly snaps me out of the monotone fatigue, it's my friend Angela from Nunofyrbeeswax, who's also based in Berlin (thank god im not innit alone) and she's telling me that they are done recording their new album she told me about recently. luckily enough on that same phone call I'm asked to join and co-produce their wonders while im mixing it too. Heck should I say no to this, tough a little pre-lock down depression almost got me getting cold feet - I do admit. Little did I know that sooner enough I'd get smashed by these 10 raw rocknroll gems (11 if you count the one they kept off) that are gonna suck my mind out through my ears and become new ear-worms I'd be singing in quarantined showers. Shaping sounds in front of a low dimmed mac-book screen in accursed first months of 2020 accompanied by the Nunies (as I refer to), sipping on very tasty espresso coffee Davide supplies from his work (hope they're not reading it). 'Stratotoaster' has been the rollercoaster that through me off my sluggishness comfy zone. Together with the Nunies we dig every ripper on the album to capture their truly wish to be fulfilled moments, later to be exploded on your stereo set. The Stratotoaster strikes you exactly where it should, and It should feel right."
" - Assaf (Twintoe Records)


released November 19, 2020

Recorded by Markus Mocydlarz at Superswampe, Berlin
Mixed - Assaf Bomgard
Tape Coloring - Hans
Mastered - Diego Ferri

Stratotoaster Sculpture - Jay Gard
Artwork - Dj Vomit

All songs by Nunofyrbeeswax
Produced by Nunofyrbeeswax and Assaf Bomgard

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