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Special Interest - The Passion of – New LP
Special Interest - The Passion of – New LP
Special Interest - The Passion of – New LP
Special Interest - The Passion of – New LP
Special Interest - The Passion of – New LP
Special Interest - The Passion of – New LP
Special Interest - The Passion of – New LP
Thrilling Living Records

Special Interest - The Passion of – New LP

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Green Noise is proud to offer this LP release by
href="" target="_blank">Special Interest
(New Orleans), loaded with electronic punk-rock menace and delight coming at you like a lovely bunch of late-nighters stomping puddles, high stepping and cracking whips and licks of razor wire and slicing the night wide open, kicking mud from the cobblestone, robot sidekicks downing molotov cocktails under disco lights flashing on the porch of a juke-joint shotgun shack, midnight early morning dinners of blackened catfish grab you by the earlobes and get your heart pumping and your spinal cord and legs jump-started, electric chair neon eyeballs rolling and flashing, ballasts humming, transistors popping day-glo sparks exploding electric magenta raindrops into the rainbowed puddles at your sneakered feet, the hum in your head and electricity singing the body alive.  -- winch (green noise records)


Green Noise gives 100% of the sale of this item to Thrilling Living Records (a woman-owned label in Kansas City, Missouri).  If you have a woman-owned label in Kansas City, Missouri (or anywhere else), Green Noise will do the same for you.  (Same goes for labels or bands fronted by any person of color, any artist from any minority group, people of the original tribes and nations of this land, any artist from a third world country, or any immigrant from anywhere.) 


But would you bat an eye waiting for war machines to pass you by?

But aren’t we going out tonight? Aren’t we going out?

Special Interest have returned with their sophomore LP. A dual release from Night School (EU) and Thrilling Living (US), "The Passion Of" combines elements of glam rock and no wave pushed through a mangled filter of contemporary electronic forms. Special Interest present a precise and deranged vision of punk, an apocalyptic celebration, a step forward into a perverse and uncertain landscape.

**records will be available by late August / early September**

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released September 1, 2020

recorded & mixed by James Whitten
mastered by Rashad Becker
cover painting by Tamara Santibañez

Special Interest
Alli Logout: vocals & lyrics
Nathan Cassiani: bass
Maria Elena: guitar
Ruth Mascelli: electronics


all rights reserved

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