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Freak Genes - Power Station [FIRST PRESSING Foil Sleeve GREEN/BLACK VINYL] – New LP
Freak Genes - Power Station [FIRST PRESSING Foil Sleeve GREEN/BLACK VINYL] – New LP
Feel It Records

Freak Genes - Power Station [FIRST PRESSING Foil Sleeve GREEN/BLACK VINYL] – New LP

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Another set from this UK outfit, this time on Feel It Records, cool limited color-vinyl edition, the music packed with loads of robots and scads of weirdness, wired and wired for sound, quite a bit different than the last one, and quite a bit like it, if I recall correctly, a bit different mood maybe, less frantic perhaps, still urgency but sounding more relaxed as they settle into their signature sounds, less of those visited to the ghosts of Syd Barrett and NYC No Wave, still some 1970s Ohio influences but more going back to Europe to pick up inspiration, post-punk and Gary Numan especially and even some Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk influence showing in some of the instrumentations, another essential listen for fans, and not a bad entry point for the uninitiated. -- winch (green noise)


Freak Genes continue their descent into angular electronics with Power Station. Musicians are replaced by machines, natural sounds are swapped for noises. The result is synthetic pop for problem times.

Charlie Murphy (Internal Credit / Isolation) and Andrew Anderson (Proto Idiot / KAKE?) orchestrate affairs, wrangling synths, drum machines, guitars and found sounds. Think 154-era Wire but with a reduced budget, or DAF minus the disco. The album was recorded in bedrooms and borrowed spaces from 2018 to 2020. It was mixed and mastered by Mikey Young.

Formed in 2016, Freak Genes previous albums are Playtime, Qwak Qwak and III. They’ve performed in both shitty and swanky venues across Europe. They’ll be on stage again in 2021, pandemics and other global catastrophes depending.

Power Station is pressed on 350 black / 150 Matrix green-and-black swirl polyvinyl chloride disks with deluxe silver foil stamped jacket, full color insert, and download code.


released February 5, 2021

Actors: Charlie Murphy, Andrew Anderson
Retinue: Martian Tabakov, Mike Seal
Processing: Mikey Young
Visuals: Charlie Murphy, Andrew Anderson, Viktoriya Staykova


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