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ZAC ‎–  II [Space-Age Power Pop from GIUDA'S Lorenzo Moretti GREEN NOISE EXCLUSIVE; IMPORT.  BLUE VINYL] – New LP
ZAC ‎–  II [Space-Age Power Pop from GIUDA'S Lorenzo Moretti GREEN NOISE EXCLUSIVE; IMPORT.  BLUE VINYL] – New LP
Wild Honey Records

ZAC ‎– II [Space-Age Power Pop from GIUDA'S Lorenzo Moretti GREEN NOISE EXCLUSIVE; IMPORT. BLUE VINYL] – New LP

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Limited Green Noise exclusive edition of 100 on BLUE vinyl!!

Green Noise is proud to help bring this new album from ZAC (Italy) to America, 100 pressed in BLUE VINYL exclusively for Green Noise customers!

  Spaceage power pop rock 'n roll/ Euro synth pop from Giuda’s mastermind Lorenzo Moretti (guitar, vocals) with Sergio Chiari (guitar), Sterbus (bass), and the father/son team of Tiziano Tarli (synth, piano) and Pablo Tarli (drums), always semi-quirky but never descending into forced silliness, serious enough to pull you in, playful enough to keep it fun, clearly from the heart and designed to grab your attention and get you grinning and out of your seat with a beat to get your toes tapping and hips swaying, sort of somewhere between Euro anthemic pop and the American living-room pop of 1970s...while nothing like the grey-coloured post-punk of the 21st century that clearly comes from the music of the late 1970s/early 1980s, this likely owes a lot to that world that had unfolded 40-50 years ago, from the pop and space-age side of glitter rock to the Euro pop of the early 1970s, from the bubblegum of many different countries to the glammy Canada rock of the 1970s, from Chinnichap to Giorgio Moroder, from Tommy James and David Bowie to the pop rock of the early 1980s...clearly optimistic with a hint of melancholy.  -- winch (green noise records)


The four pop heroes that make up the Teflon team of ZAC are about to make a welcome return to your turntable with their 2nd LP, produced by Danilo Silvestri, the imaginatively-titled “ZAC II”.
No longer must you pine for ZAC's stellar pop melodies. Switch on your Spector detector, turn your framed “Sergeant Pepper” LP to the wall and let ZAC's quirky pop fuel your dancing shoes.
Lorenzo Moretti (Giuda’s guitarist and creative mind), Tiziano Tarli (multi-instrumentalist and music historian) have put together another surfeit of sensational songs.
Pablo (Tiziano’s son) continues to provide the beats, and Sterbus returns on the bass guitar.
Prepare to bathe your ears in the next thrilling instalment of the ZAC story on May 12, courtesy of Wild Honey Records.
"ZAC II": coming soon to a shop near you!

releases May 12, 2023

Lorenzo Moretti: lead vocals, guitar
Tiziano Tarli: piano, synthesizers, backing vocals
Emanuele Sterbini: bass, guitar
Pablo Tarli: drums, marimba, vibraphone, timpani, gong, backing vocals
Sergio Chiari: guitar

Artwork: Tony CrazeeKid
Illustrations: Dario Faggella

Produced by Danilo Silvestri & ZAC
Engineered by Danilo Silvestri
Recorded through 2021 and 2022 at GreenMountainAudio, Roma

Orchestral arrangements: Tiziano Tarli
Violins: Sara Natalini
Cello: Greta Michieletto
Horn: Ramon Papatonno




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