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Wristwatch [Bobby Hussy] – II – New LP
No Coast Records / Big Neck Records

Wristwatch [Bobby Hussy] – II – New LP

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Co-release with No Coast Records! Meaner and mightier, Wristwatch returns with the followup to their oft-sold-out debut self-titled LP! Aptly titled "II", the upcoming album features a more nuanced collection of songs than the first...with a heavier focus on varying the tempos, moods and songwriting. There's even a ballad!

NEVER FEAR all you punk rock aficionados/snobs!!!! "II" still stays true to Wristwatch's signature sound: A hyper kinetic and disfigured backbone chock full of mutated punk rock vertebrates, with searing guitar leads as the cartilage and cacophonous electronic drums as the brittle joints holding the whole thing together. A year of playing shows around the Midwest really morphed the band's DNA quite a bit...with Tyler Spatz's bass playing truly coming to the forefront over the top of Bobby Hussy's signature yowl and guitar mangling on tracks like the leadoff, "Rules" and punk-pop morsel "Sweet Tooth". Have a good only gets gnarlier from here on out.

Press for the debut Wristwatch album:

"Cool Band"

"Got a new one from an RSTB fave, Bobby Hussy, today. Hussy’s new group Wristwatch finds its jagged sneer from the very first moments of their eponymous new LP. “Screwed” leaps onto the speakers with a venous guitar chewing at the brain with no mercy. The bile burn and bone crunch of the track is pushed by the chaotic snap of electronic drums and synths that ride skirt the fray with dark intentions. The song brings to mind the burnt wire bliss of Angry Angles or Mind Spiders, with tethers reaching back to Screamers territory as well. Fans of Bobby’s catalog (The Hussy, Cave Curse, Fire Heads) should be more than satisfied with the burn that Wristwatch is laying down. The new LP is out July 23rd from FDH Records."
- Raven Sings The Blues

"WRISTWATCH asks the question, “What if the SPITS went for more of a synthy dance party vibe?” This is punk rock that turned down the RAMONES and added a lot more DEVO. This is what ATOM AND HIS PACKAGE would sound like much angrier and looking for a fight. This synth-garage duo is charmingly grating and forcibly danceable. You will fail to keep your hips still while jamming to this one. Coming from Madison, Wisconsin, they bring the music like only the Midwest can. If we can get this duo on tour with DEVON KAY & THE SOLUTIONS, KITTEN FOREVER, and DIRECT HIT!, it will be the greatest lineup the greater Milwaukee/Chicago area has spit up in a long time. This is the first release from WRISTWATCH, but if the two members can sit still without going back to their multiple other bands or just creating a few more, this project can have some long and interesting legs. Start with the track “Screwed,” and see if you can stop listening. You won’t. Blast it loud and preferably while standing up with nothing fragile nearby. Better yet, find a show and throw your show dollars at them so they keep it up."
- Maximum Rock N Roll

"Bent and wrecked punk rock that doesn’t sound typical by any stretch. In the realm of the Screamers and Ausmuteants, Wristwatch crank out hyper and jittery music that sounds like a carnival from hell. The drum machine makes this whole thing sound crazy and out of control. It’s almost sonically overwhelming if you lock in on the beats. Lyrically, a lot of songs about breaking up, but the tempo is too up to be morose and forlorn. “Hints” sounds like the Strokes meeting Beautiful Skin. The closer “Bold” sounds completely different from the other nine tracks—and perhaps the most “normal”—but still not conservative and staid. Pretty good!"
- Matt Average - Razorcake"Cool band" - Henry Rollins


released July 7, 2023

Bobby Hussy - Guitar, Vocals, Drum Programming, Additional Bass
Ty Spatz - Bass

Recorded/Mixed by Bobby Hussy at Hex Empire in Madison, WI.

Mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering.

Music: Hussy/Spatz
Lyrics: Hussy

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