Vice Device / Void Vision - Split - New LP or CD
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Vice Device / Void Vision - Split - New LP or CD

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Void Vision is a one woman cold/synth/new wave project from Philadelphia, whose sound is much more electro, opening with a beat that's a dead ringer for classic New Order, before in swoop ominous, buzzing, arpeggiated synths, underpinning, swirling sci-fi melodies, and some eighties style percussive flourishes. The female vocals much more girlish, and more down in the mix, the sound darkly distorted, with some buzzing post punk guitar crunch wound into the otherwise woozy, skeletal synthiness. The sound slipping from cold and clinical and robotic, to swirly and psychedelic and seriously tripped out. "Not Much Of Anything" sounds like a more robotic Gary Numan, icy vox over percolating metallic melodies, flurries of electronic drums, and some dizzying atonal music box melodies draped over the chorus. And VV closes with a killer cover of Queen's "Take My Breath Away", here re-envisioned as a brooding, psychedelic synth ballad, FX heavy vocals, witchy and sultry, delivered over plink/plonk music box synth lines, and swirling clouds of dubbed out shimmer! (Review By: Aquarius Records)


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