Vanna Inget - Allvar LP
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Vanna Inget - Allvar LP

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NEW. MAN IN DECLINE RECORDS. VÅNNA INGET is punk with a little more melody and pop sensibility, not unlike classic bands THE AVENGERS, THE BRAT, and THE GO-GO's, or Swedish contemporaries like MASSHYSTERI, KNUGEN FALLER, and BURNING KITCHEN. On their debut LP, ALLVAR, Vånna Inget captured a moment of spontaneity where driving minor chords and strong vocal harmonies made melancholy and anxiety feel like moods to strive for. Recorded in the band's home studio, ALLVAR was originally released in 2011, and only available in North America in a very limited quantity ahead of a U.S. tour. Man In Decline is proud to now make this amazing LP more widely available to fans on this side of the Atlantic. Since it's initial release, Allvar has been praised for the strength of the songwriting, the dynamic and varied tracks, and the production which allowed for the punk grit to come through while at the same time showcased the musicianship of the band. We think it's a bit premature to call this a "modern classic", as others have claimed, but the power of these songs is certainly undeniable.

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