Tanning Bats - On the Assembly Line Of Heads (black vinyl) - New LP
Tanning Bats - On the Assembly Line Of Heads (black vinyl) - New LP
Twintoe Records

Tanning Bats - On the Assembly Line Of Heads (black vinyl) - New LP

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Holy crap, it's a Twintoe Invasion! Green Noise Exclusive!  In the United States, these kick-ass punk releases by Twintoe Records (Berlin) are only available at Green Noise Records!  

Tanning Bats (2019), On the Assembly Line of Heads, featured on Razorcake Podcast #655 with Thirsty Thursdays Presented By The Dollar Boys (August 30, 2019), essential outing, great from go to whoa, plenty of surprises to pull you in along the way, the latest from Twintoe Records, a blender of classic apparent influences, Tacoma garage of the early 60s and a bit of surf, Cleveland underground of the mid 70s, UK punk of the very late 70s, post punk and Greg Sage and new wave of the early 80s, and all the variety of those Denton, Texas sounds brought to you by Dirtnap over the years, and in the end, it's all about the Tanning Bats' sound.  Green Noise is very proud to bring this record to North America.

At Green Noise, we strive to bring you the punk you know about and stuff we think you should know about, and for these releases, the stuff folks in the USA can't get anywhere else.  It took a lot of work (thanks Twintoe Records) to get these records to North America, and it was worth the effort!  Green Noise selected these Twintoe LPs with you in mind.  We knew most Green Noise customers would love this shit. 

Bass: Robert Müller
Drums & Percussions: Thomas Müller
Guitars, Synth, Organ, Vocals & Backup Vocals: Assaf Bomgard
Additional Backup Vocals on 'The Riddle' - Andrija Spicanovic
Vocals on 'Malheur' - Zooey Agro

All songs are written and composed by Assaf Bomgard & Tanning Bats, apart from 'Malheur' - written by Zooey Agro, composed by Tanning Bats.
'Rush Push Cash' - originally written by Yello, composed and arranged by Tanning Bats

Produced and Arranged by Assaf Bomgard & Tanning Bats
Recorded in June 2018 at the Bat Spa by Georg Pester
Mix - Felix-Florian Tödtloff
Master - Mikey Young
Artwork - Burnbjoern
Out on Twintoe Records June 2019


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