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Stress Position - s/t [COLOR VINYL] – New LP
Stress Position - s/t [COLOR VINYL] – New LP
Nadine Records

Stress Position - s/t [COLOR VINYL] – New LP

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Multi-colored vinyl. Each copy is unique!


Green Noise gives 100% of the sale of these items to the women who own these labels, either in advance or when item sells.  If you have a woman-owned label, Green Noise will do the same for you.  (Same goes for bands fronted by any person of color, any artist from any minority group, people of the original tribes and nations of this land, any artist from a third world country, or any immigrant from anywhere).

"A stress position is a form of torture in which a prisoner is forced to put all of their weight on just one or two muscles.The intention is to cause their body maximum pain and stress, in hopes that they will submit to authority or give up information. Metaphorically speaking, the term could be used to describe the conditions in which many minorities are living in the USA: oppressed, impoverished, and at risk of being killed or imprisoned for merely existing.

Portland band STRESS POSITION, who draw their name from this torturous practice, play heavy, dark post-punk inspired by the likes of Killing Joke, Shellac, The Melvins, Unwound, and The Birthday Party. With the increasingly dystopian state of US affairs, combined with songwriter Jose De Lara's experience as a Mexican-American, it’s only natural for their music to take the shape of highly political, justifiably angry, anti-authoritarian noise rock."
-Cat Jones

"From start to finish they take a groove and ride it for all it's worth, stepping on and laying off the dissonance pedal to great effect. Add on some astute lyrical content and you have yourself a winner, kids."

"Stress Position has that gruff, gritty and raw quality that recalls greats like Fugazi and Rites of Spring."
-Cervante Pope // WILLAMETTE WEEK


Recorded by Andrew Grosse at Caravan
Mixed and Mastered by Jose DeLara
Lacquers cut by Amy Dragon at Telegraph
Manufactured at Cascade Record Pressing
Front cover art by Jose De Lara
Back cover art by Andrea Mickelson


all rights reserved

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