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Stools / Toeheads - Watch It Die [GREEN VINYL. SPLIT.  DETROIT PUNK.  IMPORT] - New LP
Stools / Toeheads - Watch It Die [GREEN VINYL. SPLIT.  DETROIT PUNK.  IMPORT] - New LP
Drunken Sailor Records

Stools / Toeheads - Watch It Die [GREEN VINYL. SPLIT. DETROIT PUNK. IMPORT] - New LP

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the bands on this split fitting together like a 2-barrel 400 smog engine dropped into your four-door rust bucket held together with duct tape and bungee cords, backfiring out the twice pipes to fumigate the oil pit in your two-car garage, banging on the two garbage cans sunken in the sidewalk outside the backdoor, continuing the manic maniac Motor City tradition that goes back at least to postwar rent-party sides by Hooker & Kirkland, loud and electric, filthy and fast, bare wire garage punk stomping in the oily mud puddles of coolant and Stroh's beer.  If this don't crankstart the rust bucket winter beater parked in the salty mud puddle in your brain bucket, you might as well scrap that skull, give it up and give up the ghost. -- winch (green noise records)

Some cities just know how to produce bands by the bucketload. Take Detroit, for instance: we don’t need to rattle through a full list or anything, but safe to say that if your town has given the world the likes of Motown, Derrick May and J Dilla - before we even start to think about The Stooges et al - then you could be forgiven for thinking there must be something in the water round those parts. So whaddya say? Should we get to know two more fine exponents of melodic wonder from the Motor City? Only seems fair.

This split LP between citymates The Stools and Toeheads certainly isn’t a letdown as far as the illustrious company of their forebears goes. In fact, it’s a fast-paced thrill ride that oscillates between hip-shaking rock’n’roll swing and bone-shaking hardcore energy. You might already be familiar with The Stools thanks to their ludicrously addictive Feelin’ Fine 7”, which dropped via Drunken Sailor (hey, those guys sound familiar…) early in 2021. If you though that short EP was a good time, wait ‘til you see what they’ve got in store here: right out of the gate, opener Dead Man’s Ford smashes the devil-toed boogie of the MC5 at their slinkiest into the teeth-clenched intensity of Negative Approach (and that’s a pretty decent John Brannon-style roar they deliver too). They maintain this quality and velocity across their side, which is brilliant.

There’s no let-up from Toeheads either - their side of this split sounds like someone revved up The Gun Club and aimed fireworks inside their exhaust. This is the sound you always knew you were working towards when you got into this rock’n’roll business; guitars blazing, lungs bursting, a wall of sound collapsing while we all dance in the debris. Does it sound like anything new? Fuck no, but that’s not the point. Much like The Stools, there’s nothing you can say about Toeheads that can’t be summarised with the phrase ‘total exhilaration’.

So there you have it. Another compelling case for Detroit as home to the finest sounds around, put forth by two young bands who make playing loud, fast and dumb sound easy. Call it conviction, call it chutzpah… hell, call it talent if you want, I ain’t gonna stop you. But chiefly, call it a fucking good time and put the damn record on. This slays.
Will Fitzpatrick.

released October 7, 2022


Born out of a manic desire to make cathartic music, The Stools (Will Lorenz, Krystian Quint, Charles Stahl) are a blues-punk trio bursting out of Detroit, MI. Shortly after forming, they began garnering a cult-following thanks to their explosive live performances. With their reputation growing, the group was picked up by Third Man Records for their dynamite "When I Left" seven-inch, which helped bring the group's turbo-charged garage to a wider audience.

The Stool's most recent release, a live album recorded at Hamtramck's sacred Outer Limits Lounge, documents one of the most blistering rock and roll sets you'll ever hear. All night attendees slam danced their asses off to the raw noise produced by the trio. The bar's energy was nothing short of a boozed-up, adrenaline-filled blowout. The ecstatic anticipation for the next verse of "Milk River Blues" or the hand-clapping "Coney Loose" are just a few highlights from this career-spanning gig. In between the band's sonic blasts, you can hear passionate fans uncontrollably roar with joy and rage.

Originally, "Live at Outer Limits" was issued as a cassette on Painter's Tapes, drummer Charles Stahl's label which is home to some of the region's best bands. The artwork features vibrant photography from Detroit punk duo 208's Shelby Say.

So, listeners, consider yourselves lucky you get to hear this. Very rarely do such mythic gigs get a proper recording. In this case, we're blessed with a killer high-fidelity mix that lets you relive a night fans lost themselves in pure, pulsing R'N'R... the kind that only exists in Detroit, Michigan. Most of all, in a year deprived of live music, this record is a reminder of what it's like to feel truly alive.

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