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Stealing Sheep and the Radiophonic Workshop –   La Planète Sauvage  [Reimagined Soundtrack.  2xLP IMPORT Pink and White Vinyl] – New LP
Stealing Sheep and the Radiophonic Workshop –   La Planète Sauvage  [Reimagined Soundtrack.  2xLP IMPORT Pink and White Vinyl] – New LP
Fire Records (UK)

Stealing Sheep and the Radiophonic Workshop – La Planète Sauvage [Reimagined Soundtrack. 2xLP IMPORT Pink and White Vinyl] – New LP

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This is an odd idea, and cool.  Maybe others have been doing this, but if so, I was unaware.  The movie wasn't remade.  It's like a cover version of the soundtrack, or something like that, or maybe just an alternative version of a soundtrack.  While it's most instrumental, it has quite a bit of narration of the story, maybe from the original film but more likely made for this adaptation, so it can be enjoyed as music and/or as a story.  It reminds me a bit of the War Of The World album from 1978, which was quite bombastic but as a kid it was kind of cool when they played the whole thing on the radio!; and later I got the 8-track and would get stoned and listen to it.  it didn't have anything to do with any of the films but rather was rock stars taking head rock in a new direction and was sort of a throwback to radio shows...and it had Phil Lynott!  Anyway, this is quite a bit better than that 1978 album (which might have been cool as a two-sider), this album obviously using the head rock and electronic soundtracks of the 1970s for ideas and sounds, sort of recalls Camel's Snow Goose LP (1975) which was  synthesizer-heavy album-long instrumental version of a children's book!  (I know it sounds awful but it was kind of cool) and Bo Hansson's 1972 album-long instrumental version of Lord of the Rings. (I know that sounds awful too, but these were the only two albums like this--based on books--that I really liked in the 1970s.).  Anyway, this album is one that was made for clicking off the lights and lighting up a doobie.  -- winch


René Laloux’s celebrated 1973 sci-fi animation ‘La Planète Sauvage (Fantastic Planet)’, is overhauled with a re-imagined soundtrack by electronic modernists Stealing Sheep and legendary sound innovators The Radiophonic Workshop. This exclusive release is part of Fire Records’ re-imagined score series, and is released on Delia Derbyshire Day 2021.
“No institution has had a greater impact on the development of electronic music than the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.” The Vinyl Factory
It’s a real pre-Avatar conundrum that Stealing Sheep, with the help of Bob Earland, Dick Mills and Roger Limb from the Radiophonic Workshop, unravel. Creating an ethereal excursion that’s narrated by Roger Limb; like a futuristic Martin Denny, or Dr Who gone ambient techno, with a hint of Forbidden Planet 50 years on. It’s an analogue swirl set in an off-world paradise; a field recording from the future. This is a creative, generation-spanning, union brought together to score this unique cult film.
A must for fans of psyche electronica and Stealing Sheep’s formidable ‘Big Wows’ album.
“Stealing Sheep devour a broad range of styles, incorporating everything from the dark dance-pop of Grace Jones to the experimentations of Radiophonic Workshop pioneer Delia Derbyshire and John Carpenter soundtracks.” The Guardian
‘La Planète Sauvage’ is a thing of ambient beauty punctuated with electronic earworms that switches from intensely ominous to otherworldly dream like moments.


released November 23, 2021

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