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Spits, The - VI -  New LP
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Spits, The - VI - New LP

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New Spits album!!!! 

the band from Kalamazoo mashing together all the best beginnings of punk from the east coast and rust belt (NYC, Boston, DC, Cleveland, Detroit) crammed into a can of Stroh's and strapped on a skateboard, wrapped up in barbed wire stolen from the wall around the junkyard and rogued from fence around the skateboard park, splitting atoms until the compound explodes and out spits this mangled focused mess of punk rock Ramonescore, full of gravel stuck in your bloodied kneecaps, rogue skateboard riding speed rock careening around the concrete like a beat up board, ripping up the lip with stickers of the Ramones and Stooges faded and remaining!!!  Kalamazoo ROCKS!  

-- Marty Winch (author of Kalamazoo: Growing Up Sideways in the 1970s)  

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