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Spider Bite – The Rainbow And The Dove [PUNK ONTARIO] - New LP
You've Changed Records (Canada)

Spider Bite – The Rainbow And The Dove [PUNK ONTARIO] - New LP

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The Rainbow and The Dove is the debut LP by Spider Bite, a project featuring Daniel Romano, Ian Romano (Daniel Romano’s Outfit, Career Suicide) and Steven Lambke (Constantines) returning to their roots in the thriving pit of DIY hardcore punk. This exclusive LP pressing includes the self-titled Bandcamp-only release from the spring of 2020 on Side 1, a 10 song dispatch from the depths of the first COVID-19 lockdown, a world poised between protests and uprisings, when a fearful silence seemed to hold its breath, twitching the curtains, and strange imaginations ran unleashed through dark streets. Side 2 is the new album, an assemblage of teachings from punk elders, a passionate rejection of settler-colonialism, environmental racism, and the general exploitation of the world by monarchs and resource extraction companies. Animated by a surprising humour and immense instrumental power, Spider Bite create a vibrant portrait of living in violent times. This is our music.

Warmongers run the newspapers, the daily podcasts, the social media feeds. Cultural heroes are as money-mad as bankers, standing on corpses, wearing diamonds. The songs of this age are hopeless. In this world of lies, Spider Bite celebrate truth: raw, ragged, and full of energy, dreaming of possible futures in the immediate and active now, in this exact and ever active present: after the flood, in the ruins of love.

released June 16, 2023

All songs by Spider Bite
Ian, Daniel, Steve

Mixed by Ian Romano
Mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory
Layout and Art by Daniel Romano

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