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Space Lady, The - Greatest Hits - New LP
Space Lady, The - Greatest Hits - New LP
Mississippi Records

Space Lady, The - Greatest Hits - New LP

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It's almost bizarre how her renditions somehow fit the songs so well...sure covering Electric Prunes or Peter Schilling's 1983 sequel to Bowie's 1969 song not surprisingly fit her style, but somehow she breathes life into and either brings new meaning or brings out meaning to hits by Steppenwolf, Sweet, Steve Miller, and ELO.  While many rock n rollers came from Boston, the Space Lady helps make it clear: Boston rocks!  -- winch (green noise records)


The Space Lady began her odyssey on the streets of Boston and San
Francisco in the late 70s, playing versions of contemporary pop
music on accordion and dressed flamboyantly, transmitting messages
of peace and harmony.

Following the theft of her accordion, The Space Lady invested in a
then-new Casio keyboard and an echo unit, birthing an otherworldly
new dimension to popular song that has captured the imagination
of the world. Of her early street sets, only one recording was made, self-released originally on cassette and then transferred to a home-made CD.

‘The Space Lady’s Greatest Hits’ features the best of these recordings
- mostly covers of 60s and 70s hits alongside interstellar originals
and features archival photographs and liner notes from The Space
Lady herself. “Greatest Hits” contains The Space Lady’s personal
favourites; her haunting take on The Electric Prunes’ “I Had Too
Much To Dream (Last Night),” “Ballroom Blitz”, "Fly Like an Eagle,"  “Major Tom” - amidst other reconstructed pop music. Originally released by Night School Records.

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