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Sorels, The – Spring break [PINK VINYL]  – New 7"
Sorels, The – Spring break [PINK VINYL]  – New 7"
Sorels, The – Spring break [PINK VINYL]  – New 7"
Sorels, The – Spring break [PINK VINYL]  – New 7"
Sorels, The – Spring break [PINK VINYL]  – New 7"
Sorels, The – Spring break [PINK VINYL]  – New 7"
Reta Records / Surfin' Ki Records

Sorels, The – Spring break [PINK VINYL] – New 7"

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Thanks to Reta Records for providing this gem of a 7", the second EP from Winnipeg's The Sorels, limited edition pressed in pink wax,  a blast of great sounds for your slumber party, so much like their classic debut 7” from 2019 and so much its own sound, rebuilt engine with a brand-new carburetor, pulling out of the garage where the debut pushed the Brownsville Station and Chuck Berry 8 tracks into the Craig deck, rocking through the parking lot of Rock n Roll High School into songs that burn rubber and melt ice from the windows of winter, racing into Spring 2021 with the top down, with songs that probably would’ve been radio favorites in 1981, in L.A. and Detroit at least.  Like the debut, this still shows some Suzi Quatro influence, but now maybe also showing more of an influence from Suzi's later days and probably some influence from Suzi's teenage daughters who came of age in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and perhaps most importantly this moves into a sound that the Sorels have built themselves, kicks back the seat in a machine the Sorels built up from the ground, trade in the Craig deck for a Pioneer Supertuner, and the two 7” by the Sorels are both chock full of backstreet charm and main-drag drive, rock the streets like an 8 banger and pops the roof like a convertible.

  Get it! - winch

Green Noise gives 100% of the sale of this item back to Reta Records (a woman-owned label in Montreal).  If you have a woman-owned label in Montreal (or anywhere else), Green Noise will do the same for you.  (Same goes for labels or bands fronted by any person of color, any artist from any minority group, people of the original tribes and nations of this land, any artist from a third world country, or any immigrant from anywhere).

Pink vinyl. Only 100 pressed at Clampdown Pressing.


Spring Break

Palo Santo

Spring Break is the sophomore EP from Winnipeg's THE SORELS!

Released in Canada by Reta Records
Released in Europe by Surfin' Ki Records


releases February 2, 2021

All songs by The Sorels.
Vox and Bass: Joanne Rodriguez
Guitar and Vox: Jennifer Alexander
Drums and Vox: Jill Lynott

Recorded by Jody Hunter - Studio 23
Mixed by Cam Loeppky
Mastered by Harris Newman - Grey Market Mastering
Illustrated by Nicholas Friesen
Design by Kenneth J. Maclaurin

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