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Slander Tongue – Monochrome [IMPORT] – New LP
Alien Snatch Records (Berlin)

Slander Tongue – Monochrome [IMPORT] – New LP

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Slander Tongue 2023!!!

Once you know you got members coming from Bikes, Modern Pets, and King Khan and his Shrines, you bound to got a good idea where you're headed with this outfit, garage-punk power-pop rock n roll or something like that, likely a bunch of who-cares happies raised on 40-ounce doses of 1970s punk, power pop, glitter, garage, and rock n' roll, drinking up the past and smashing the bottle against the wall...kick-starting the engine, gas tank filled with octane siphoned from some old Dodge A100s that used to transport outfits of the 1970s when they were young and hungry and first starting out...the New York Dolls, Alice Cooper Group, AC/DC and Cheap Trick...blasting out of those possible influences and probably a bunch of others like a motorbike with the throttle twisted and chugging out of town like there's no tomorrow...going along double nickels and into passing gears, good times abound throughout...set solid from go to whoa, "a bottle of whisky and a barrel of fun," clap-claps that sound like slaps on the back of your leather jacket...slap the dust from your cap, stick out your sore thumb and hitch a ride...slap a grin to your chin, put the balm to your burned calves and the warm summer wind to your ears...cannonball off the end of the dock and splash into this one...crank it like a Craig deck...another gem from this Berlin outfit.   -- winch  (green noise) craqué un max sur leur 1er album! Donc j’attendais avec beaucoup d’envie ce 2ème album du quatuor berlinois. Et pinaise qu’est-ce qu’il est bon !!! Les 10 CHANSONS ici présentées glissent comme une farandole de desserts! Un vrai régal ! De ces albums hyper évidents qui semblent avoir toujours appartenu à votre discothèque et qu’on à toujours plaisir à redécouvrir !!! (BT)

released February 23, 2023

Automatic Axel – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Klaus – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Chico M. – Bass, Vocals
Johnboyadonis – Drums
Eblo – Piano
Jeff Clarke & The Inserts – Backing Vocals

Alien Snatch! Records 2023
Produced and mixed by Smail-Shock-Productions at Studio B/AK18
Mastered by Nene Baratto & A Hule Hule
Artwork by Nirzar Pang!

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