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Shutdown 66 – Welcome to Dumpsville – New LP
Shutdown 66 – Welcome to Dumpsville – New LP
Get Hip Records

Shutdown 66 – Welcome to Dumpsville – New LP

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Garage rock from Australia, moving along like Rambler on a back road, slash crash short fast blasts of punk garage, organ on some cuts, harmonica on others, lots of different guitar sounds that never get in the way of the driving rhythms, wildman vocals for a live feel and not trying to hide Melbourne accents, The Pretty Things influence shows, but fed through punk, American garage and their own homeland and their own guts, straight at you like kangaroo kicks -- winch

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Shutdown 66 draws inspiration from--and well-earned comparisons to--fellow Oz rockers the Missing Links, as well as trash-god maestros the Pretty Things and a whole slough of '60s garage and British R&B icons.

Welcome to Dumpsville is their fabulous debut album. Originally released as a limited edition LP on Corduroy Records in 1998, this essential album is available once again--on 12" vinyl and CD--courtesy of Get Hip Recordings. Filled with killer original songs like "Shutdown 66" and the rollicking title track, Welcome to Dumpsville kicks with a '60s rock 'n' roll feel thick with intoxicating rhythms, harps, maracas, and raw guitars--all that good stuff garage fans love!

The Shutdown 66 story is like every young wannabe rock god's fairytale. Singer Nick Shutdown describes the band's unificaation: "We formed a couple of years ago one night after a Breadmakers recording session. I just tried singing a song and the band sorta fell in behind me, and we made up our signature tune "Shutdown 66" on the spot and recorded it then and there and put it out on a 7-inch. To our amazement, people actually like the 7-inch, and we started getting really good reviews in fanzines, etcetera, mainly from overseas." The band caught the attention of a British promoter (who Nick describes as producing "wild three-day rock n' roll shows"), and the band was whisked away to sunny Las Vegas, Nevada.

released March 10, 2003

Jamie Shutdown: Bass, backing vocals
Nicky Shutdown: Lead vocals, maracas, guitar
Scotty 66: Drums, backing vocals
Camby Shutdown: Organ, guitar
Bad Micky Shutdown: guitar, backing vocals

Special guests:
Ricky Shutdown: Harmonica and backing vocals on track 4
Doogie Shutdown: Harmonica on tracks 1, 6 &13

All songs written by Nicky Shutdown, except tracks 3 & 11 by Jamie Shutdown and tracks 5 & 8 by Nicky & Micky Shutdown
Published by Penns Woods Music, BMI

Executive Producer: Ernie Douglas
Recorded & Engineered by Deano at his Rock & Roll Central Studios in the Music Laboratory in Elwood, Australia
Mastered by Dino DiStefano
Photos by Chris Cassar
Layout & Design by David C. Gutierrez c/o Thrift Whore Graphics

all rights reserved

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