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Seriously – Built Environment - New LP
Seriously – Built Environment - New LP
Earth Libraries Records

Seriously – Built Environment - New LP

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For decades, the concept of the American Dream has felt like an immutable entity that burst into existence fully formed. But even those concepts that get hammered into society until they become inescapable cliches were constructed from a distinct sociopolitical perspective--a breakdown in the system that post-punk outfit Seriously pick at on their latest, Built Environment, due TK via Earth Libraries.

'There are inherent inequities woven into the American Dream, in the ways it was designed, how it was sold to us,' insists bassist/vocalist Chayse Porter. 'We want to pull back the curtain on the complacency, vanity, and follies of rugged individualism that sprawl through the suburbs.'  
The band’s careful push and pull between the voices and the synths and drum machine add a layer of steady momentum. More than a musical choice, that iconoclastic duality is drawn directly from the trio’s lived experiences. Seriously deliver that subtle pang in a starry night tableau, flashes of whistling, glistening harmonies, and shimmering guitar. In that way, Built Environment draws the listener in closer and closer only to reveal that the one twisting the knife has been yourself all along."


released June 23, 2023

Chayse Porter - Bass/Vocals/Programming
Michael Harp - Synth/Guitar/Vocals
Jonathan Crain - Guitar/Vocals
Engineered by Brad Timko at Communicating Vessels Studio in Birmingham, Alabama. Mastered by Carl Saff. Artwork by Byron Sonnier and Julia Fletcher.

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