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Sellwoods, The -  House Rockin' Party Tonight with THE SELLWOODS! [IMPORT] – New LP
Chaputa! Records

Sellwoods, The - House Rockin' Party Tonight with THE SELLWOODS! [IMPORT] – New LP

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After a bunch of 7" and a 10", the Sellwoods (PDX) deliver their debut long player, strutting the walk of shame like it's a badge of honor, a mix of vocal and instrumental cuts, surf and hot-rod garage rock and creature-feature monster stomp, garage punk rock clearly spawned from that beautiful beast that rose from the garages, drives-ins, dives, and graveyards of circa 1958 - 1966, likely also worshiping the altars of gods and bands that rocketed out of those glory-year sounds, the Stooges and Cramps for example, great cover of one of the greatest songs ever recorded, Cochran's 1959 "Somethin' Else," cracking whips and jangling prison chains, hot rod rumbling up to the double feature, crackling like drive-in speakers at the creature feature,  primitive rhythms crunching like beer cans on a basement floor!  -- winch (green noise)



Watch out! The Sellwoods are back! After a bunch of releases in 7 and 10 inches, time has come for their debut LOOOONG play. Coming this April on Chaputa! recs. “House Rockin’ Party Tonight With…” will feature 14 timeless pieces of wild garage trash frat rock in the good ol’ northwest tradition.

So if you dig The Sonics, The Trashmen, The Frantics, The Wailers or Supercharger and The Cramps – and we’re sure you do! – and you’re into wild beats and primitive rhythms – all that stuff that makes rock and roll so great!… don’t look further and grab yourself a copy! Now! This is the REAL THING!

released 2022

All songs written by THE SELLWOODS, except A1 by B. Fuller, A7 by D. Revercomb & L. Allen and B6 by Sheeley & Cochran.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Fetish Pop Studio in Portland, Oregon, USA by Kirk Larsen.
Vocals on “Volcano Girl” by June Snakebite Sellwood.
Keys and backup vocals by Phaedra Sellwood on “Searching”.
Harp on “Shakedown!” by Dave Berkham.
Cover art by Rui Ricardo | Design by Esgar Acelerado.

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