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Howard, Rowland S.  – Teenage Snuff Film [2xLP w/ etched vinyl] – New LP
Fat Possum Records

Howard, Rowland S. – Teenage Snuff Film [2xLP w/ etched vinyl] – New LP

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 Pressed on 180 g black vinyl

- 3 sided double album, with Side D featuring an etching of a Rowland illustration

- Brand new vinyl remaster from the original tapes October 2019 by Lindsay Gravina, who produced the album in 1999




1. Dead Radio

2. Breakdown (And Then…)

3. She Cried

4. I Burnt Your Clothes

5. Exit Everything

6. Silver Chain

7. White Wedding

8. Undone

9. Autoluminescent

10. Sleep Alone

‘Teenage Snuff Film’ was the long awaited first solo album recorded and released by Rowland S.Howard in 1999. Rowland recorded the album at the Birdland & Sing Sing recording studios in Melbourne with longtime colleague and collaborator Mick Harvey contributing drums, organ and guitar and Brian Hooper on bass. The album was produced by Lindsay Gravina and engineered by James Mason & Jade Martin, and released to critical acclaim both here in Australia and internationally.

‘Teenage Snuff Film’ featured 8 original songs; ‘Dead Radio’, ‘Breakdown (and then...)’, ‘I Burnt Your Clothes’, ‘Exit Everything’, ‘Silver Chain’, ‘Undone’, ‘Autoluminescent’, ‘Sleep Alone’ and 2 cover versions; ‘White Wedding’ (Billy Idol) and ‘She Cried’ (The Shangri-Las).

A limited edition double vinyl set of the long out of print ‘Teenage Snuff Film’. This record is highly sought after by collectors, with rare copies appearing on eBay selling for huge $ amounts.

recorded 1998.  released March 6, 2020

"This is the album on which Australian guitarist and songwriter Rowland S. Howard finally turns up after retreating back to the homeland after a dismal stay in London and the complete dissolution of his band These Immortal Souls. Howard, who was a founding member of the Birthday Party, Nick Cave's Bad Seeds, and Crime and the City Solution, has one of the most distinctive guitar sounds on the scene, and while all of his mates have taken the high road and mixed their misery with sweetness and light, Howard likes his desolation straight up. Teenage Snuff Film is first offering since 1992, and it's a gorgeous wreck of an album. Howard plays almost everything here, but is aided on bass by Brian Hooper and on drums and organ by Mick Harvey on a couple of cuts, plus a couple of string players. Long-time collaborator Genevieve McGuckin makes an appearance on "Silver Chain," and wrote the music to "She Cried." There is a small string section that's put to good use as well. As for the music on Teenage Snuff Film, it's a long, roiling howl of pain, wrought from the place where rock & roll loss and grief meet blues textures and near-gothic soundscapes (and we are not talking white makeup here). On "Breakdown and Then..." Howard speaks to the object of his affection and disgust through a strain of slowly swirling guitars: "crown prince of the crying jag/stuffs a towel in his mouth to gag/oh my darling I never knew/how hard it was to get rid of you/I smashed our virgin date/how did I reach that state/but I did it began and then/here comes that breakdown again." As Howard spits out those last words, a wall of guitars descends into the mix and punches through any memory of the words. The only feeling is one of dread. And this is how it goes unrelentingly. Howard's rootsy panoply of riffs, vamps, and single-string razor blade tricks are in evidence everywhere, even on the Phil Spector-meets-Lee Hazelwood track "She Cried." Here the notions of early rock & roll girl group music are employed in much the same way they were by the Ramones, but with slower tempo, richer textures, and far darker lyrics. But Howard pulls it off righteously. Harvey's drumming adds a real depth and dimension to the mix. Teenage Snuff Film is actually a diary in many ways of disappointment, self-destruction, desperate behavior, and ravaging heartbreak, much of it ending in death or narratives related from beyond the grave. Other notable tracks include "Silver Chair," "I Burn Your Clothes," and a frightening cover of Billy Idol's "White Wedding," that offers a far more harrowing view of the very same lyrics. This is an awesome comeback."



"There’s no perfect way to describe the gloriously gloomy music of Rowland S. Howard, the slender guitar slinger whose dusky disposition was deeply imprinted onto the music of his bands — the Birthday Party, Crime and the City Solution, and These Immortal Souls —and his own solo recordings. “The color of Rowland Howard’s music is a deep-purple bruise,” says Lydia Lunch, who collaborated with Howard several times. “His guitar playing was like the stab of a switchblade,” says Against Me! frontwoman Laura Jane Grace, one of the many musicians he inspired. Whether he was churning out carnival-calliope riffs or channeling sheer squalling feedback, there was an unidentifiable dark sensibility to his playing. His sound was so otherworldly that it sometimes sounded like his guitar was shuddering — as though it had the chills. Since his death in 2009, the Melbourne-born guitarist has become something of a shadowy, rock-noir cult figure. It’s a role that suits him, partly because he looked the part. He was lanky and pasty with unkempt black hair, and his big, sad, doe-like eyes belied the terrors he coaxed from his instrument. He spent much of his life battling a heroin addiction, but his music almost always sounded sharp. Though Howard never achieved widespread recognition, his influence still reverberates through today’s dream pop, post-punk, and noise rock."

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