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Proper Channels, The – After These Messages [PREORDER.  GREEN NOISE EXCLUSIVE] -  New LP
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Proper Channels, The – After These Messages [PREORDER. GREEN NOISE EXCLUSIVE] - New LP

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PDX PUNK!  Thanks to long-time Green Noise supporters Proper Channels for making this punk-rock release only available to Green Noise customers, short-run pressing, 200 pressed in yellow, 100 in black, musically, the band sporting their influences on their tattered sleeves, clearly blasting off from the launching pad made by the NYC leather-coated gods of punk, but also elements coming from sounds that influenced Ramones, with the 1960s sometimes showing in the guitar licks (or maybe those licks influenced by the 1980s sci-fi action flicks that were influenced by the creature-feature soundtracks of the 1960s), and likely also influenced by the skate punks and other punks bands that grew out of Ramones at the end of the century...these music influences from the past decades not the only influences on this set, the set also reading like a collection of stories, retold video stories from those previously mentioned decades, opening with Snake Plissken's 1981 vision of 1997 and then Roddy Piper's world in They Live, the songs all linked together with snippets and sound FX so all the different stories seem almost like part of one, the stories of protagonists fighting against all odds, navigating their way through a world created by the world we live in and the worlds we've watched on TV and movie screens.  It's maybe even a sci-fi punk rock concept album, but like the crazy flicks that have helped inspire this album, the seriousness of the situations is balanced with action-packed punk-rock fun.  Great fun.  Good shit. -- winch        

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