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Princip - You Are Here | פרינציפ - אתה נמצא כאן - New LP
Twintoe Records

Princip - You Are Here | פרינציפ - אתה נמצא כאן - New LP

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Green Noise Exclusive!  In the United States, these kick-ass releases by Twintoe Records (Berlin) are only available at Green Noise Records!  

Princip - You Are Here 12" Vinyl edition + digital download of the album included. 1st press (200) - upside down printed sleeves, offset printed lyric sheet.

"Princip’s debut LP translated from Hebrew - “You Are Here”, is what Dean Klein’s (vocalist & guitarist) managed to abrasively sum up as his personal take on modern existence, along with the frustration that creation and creativity may bring with them. Together with Sefi Akrish (bass) and Ben Tversky (drums), that forms a prominent, dancy yet sledgehammer pounding rhythm section - Princip conflates an honest outcome of their natural musicianship bound. Melding together boldly vocals in Hebrew, angular guitars, bits of shrieking saxophone and cathedral-like organs & synths is what Princip’s quirky mix of loosey, chaotic post-punk consists of 24 minutes within 12 tracks that lingers on with the unique highs and lows of the band that might make you realise that - You Are Here."

Buy The Digital Version directly from the band >

דין קליין - שירה, גיטרה, סינטיסייזר
ספי אקריש - בס, סינטיסייזר, שירה
בן טברסקי - תופים, כלי הקשה, שירה

שאול ברקן - סקסופון אלט, קלרינט בס

Dean Klein - Vocals, Guitar, Synth
Seffi Akrish - Bass, Synth, Vocals
Ben Tversky - Drums, Percussion, Vocals

with Shaul Barkan - Saxophone, Bass Clarinet

מילים: דין קליין
מוזיקה: פרינציפ

Lyrics: Dean Klein
Music : Princip

הוקלט ב"בית אלפא", תל אביב, דצמבר 2020- ינואר 2021 ע"י גד טורפרנקה
Recorded @ Beit Alpha Punx HQ, Tel Aviv, Dec. 2020 - Jan. 2021 by Gad Torrefranca

הופק ע"י פרינציפ וגד טורפרנקה
Produced by Princip and Gad Torrefranca

מיקס: גד טורפרנקה
Mixed by Gad Torrefranca

מאסטר: וויל קילינגסוורת'
Mastered by Will Killingsworth @ Dead Air Studios

ציור עטיפה: דוד חביון
Artwork by Gida

At Green Noise, we strive to bring you the punk you know about and stuff we think you should know about, and for these releases, the stuff folks in the USA can't get anywhere else.  It took a lot of work (thanks Twintoe Records) to get these records to North America, and it was worth the effort!  Green Noise selected these Twintoe LPs with you in mind.  We knew most Green Noise customers would love this shit.  

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