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Polute -  S/T [IMPORT Blue Vinyl] – New 7"
Polute -  S/T [IMPORT Blue Vinyl] – New 7"
Polute -  S/T [IMPORT Blue Vinyl] – New 7"
Legless Records

Polute - S/T [IMPORT Blue Vinyl] – New 7"

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 Faster louder bullet blasts, HC punk hard rock n roll or something like that, 1-2-3-4, kicking open the gate and hitting you like a lead pipe, revving up the snow plow in the heat of summer, hammering out and kicking it down, dropping the shovel on the dry concrete and bulldozing right over the asphalt of your skull, meat hooking you up and chucking your carcass into the brown bear cage at the junkyard, hitting the cuts like a grizzly ripping chunks of raw flesh from your face.  If that sounds like that would hurt, you got it all wrong, your face is gone but lips are grinning. -- winch 


What happens when C.O.F.F.I.N, STIFF RICHARDS & CUTTERS combine to conceive a speed fuelled baby….. the answer is POLUTE.

Written over one jam and recorded in 3 hours at Bakehouse by Andy Robinson. Polute is as raw and off the cuff as it gets. Resembling some caged creature in a technicolor torture is Ben Portnoy on drums and vocals. Dancing near is Arron Mawson and Brendan Stringer on guitar and bass as they play puppet with the corpse of Fast Eddie.

released October 13, 2022

Recorded and Mixed by Andy Robinson
Mastered by Mikey Young
Artwork by Ben Portnoy

Drums / Vocals - Ben Portnoy (C.O.F.F.I.N, White Dog, Research Reactor Corp, Satanic Togas)
Guitar - Arron Mawson (STIFF RICHARDS, Split System, Doe St)
Bass - Brendan Stringer (cutters)


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