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Nitwitz, The – Dark Side of the Spoon - New LP
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Nitwitz, The – Dark Side of the Spoon - New LP

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Dutch punks kicking it out, peeling out with tires smoking out of punk from around the globe in the 1970s where they got things started themselves, spitting out fast blasts of the fucking good stuff, influences from 1970s glam/underground/hard rock showing up like a bad child, Detroit, New York, Boston, Ireland, and Australia, the hard stuff that didn't get too lost in the excess of that era, rhythm and riff driven, not stopping for anyone, get on board or get out the way, pedal to the metal and speed shifting down that road called punk ROCK 'n roll!  Get it! -- winch (green noise records)

Dark Side of the Spoon delivers 14 essential Dutch Punk by Amsterdam's legendary outfit, The Nitwitz!

Founded in 1978, the young band barely caught the dissipating ripples of the first punk rock wave. In taking their lead from groups like the Stooges, MC5, the Ramones and Australia's Saints, the Nitwitz had little in common with the angry, unwashed masses of English spiky-tops who sang about "the dole," depression, and gang warfare. (Although they had a definite fondness for a few fast-riffing exceptions like the Lurkers, Drones, and Stiff Little Fingers.) Instead, the 16-year-old Nitwitz waxed poetic about girls they liked, girls they didn’t like, school, their favorite TV cartoon show, and getting beat up by disco kids.

The Nitwitz disbanded in May 1982, changed singers, and returned as BGK. After a 14-year hiatus, the boys reunited  in 1996, contributing a single new track to Epitaph's Dutch Punk sampler. With the label's blessing, the Nitwitz hit the studio to bang out an album's worth of blistering new material. And so, Dark Side of the Spoon was born. Epitaph Europe ultimately declined to release the new LP--but their loss is Get Hip's gain! The Nitwitz are back and better than ever!! Get yourself a heaping Spoonful of classic Dutch punk.

Czar Peters the 1st: Larynx
Tony "Slug" Leeuwenburgh: Mosrite and Les Paul
Thumpin' Theo Brouwer: Fender Jazz bass
Steven "Marathon Man" Nieuwendijk: Drums and cymbals

All selections written by Tony Leeuwenburgh
Except tracks 4, 6, 9, 10, 12 & 14 by Tony Leeuwenburgh & Erik Peters

© Stemra 1998
Recorded at Yland Studios, Amsterdam, Holland, Sept. 1997
Engineered by Evert "Big Thumb" Kattee
Produced by Evert & the Nitwitz
Graphics by Studio Paul C. Pollmann

Licensed from Rocketdog Records

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