Neptune Skyline - Secret Fields - New LP
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Neptune Skyline - Secret Fields - New LP

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"In 2008 Mike Pitts, of Portland based Kent 3, got together with other musicians to form the band Neptune Skyline. Their 2009 debut album, Secret Fields, is a beautiful and informative low-fi chronicle of Pitts oft troubled life."


Moody music from Mike Potts (Portland, Oregon), nothing like his Kent 3 group, soft spoken material that sounds influenced by the late 60s, the more experimental underground folk of that era, and hints of Pink Floyd's subdued side when they wandered past Syd Barrett but hadn't found their arena sound, even hints of the Stones when they experimented with psychedelic, "She's a Rainbow" and even hints of "Wild Horses"...but clearly not of the 1960s...more a part of the confessional indie folk of folks like Elliot Smith, but sometimes going into soundscape instrumental ambient mode, and that backdrop always part of the songs, lots of electric soundscapes to back the singing, sounding like synths and electric guitars, and without really changing the sound, acoustic guitars and even harmonica, minimalist percussion, the title of band and the sleeve art hinting heavily of the sound, hints of surf's Hawai'ian roots, in a basement with the rain and sunshine outside dreaming of a cove by the ocean on a starry night and places so far away you'd have to leave your skin to find them. - winch 

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