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Neo Neos – Get The Neo Neos/Act VII by Neo Neos – New LP
Under the Gun Records

Neo Neos – Get The Neo Neos/Act VII by Neo Neos – New LP

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Two albums on one mud-colored record. 
-- mud colored?
Black as mud.  mud colored vinyl.  A double album smashed like a mud pie into one album. 
-- What you mean? What's that?
That's punk rock. 
-- punk rock?
a double-barrel of that junk, a big mac of punk rock. 
-- oh yeah?
Yeah.  big mack attak.  two patties patty-caked into one.  I told you.  22 songs for 19 bucks!  Cool! 
-- But are they good songs? 
No, they are not!
-- Aay what?!
they are complete bullcrap!
-- bullcrap?
Complete bullcrap trash!
-- Say what?!
And my favorite kinda trash is complete bullcrap trash. They sing like 7 year olds hyped up on grape Wylers and filthy with purple faces, and they play instruments like two-year-old monkeys in a dumpster.  Monkeys are cool.  Chimps, flying monkeys, hurdy gurdy monkeys, apes, gorillas in the mist, closed.   Leave it to Under the Gun Records to deliver the goods! -- winch

Minneapolis own Neo Neos! 2 albums on 1 record.

Side A features 2018 smash hit "Get The Neo Neos" on vinyl for the first time

Side B feature 'Act VII" the first new recordings since 2018

Limited to 300 copies


released 2023

Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios

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