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Nassif, Thiago –  Mente [IMPORT] - New LP
Gearbox Records

Nassif, Thiago – Mente [IMPORT] - New LP

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...sinuous and ambitious ... Nassif seems to have found lush space between bossa nova and no wave" The Fader

"It’s music of nowhere and everywhere, disappearance and arrival, the archive becoming the now." - The New York Times

"Crunchy and distorted, yet undeniably funky" - The Wire

“The leading light of the new generation of Brazilian songwriters” - Arto Lindsay

Thiago Nassif is a Brazilian musician, composer and producer based in Rio de Janeiro, whose impactful mélange of pop, jarring no-wave, and edgy Tropicália has slowly been turning heads the world over.

Gearbox Records presents his latest album "Mente", co-produced by no wave icon Arto Lindsay, and representative, via its diverse list of accredited musicians, of the progressive, new-generational music scene that is bubbling away in Rio.

The album’s title is a Portuguese homonym meaning “mind” and “to lie”, and represents Thiago’s attitude towards what he calls the “post-truth” state of Brazil’s political regime. Mixing together the languages of Portuguese and English, Thiago goes deep into no-wave, experimental electronic music, Tropicalismo, jazz and rock, moving between funk carioca to dystopian, distorted bossa nova, and beyond.


- アート・リンゼイ(アーティスト)

- ロバート・クリストガウ(音楽批評家)

- アフロポップ・ワールドワイド(米ラジオ)


ポルトガル語で”嘘をつく”もしくは”マインド/精神”を意味する同音異義語の『メンチ』 は、前作に引き続きアート・リンゼイが共同プロデュース。ノーウェーブ、エレクトロニッ ク・ミュージック、トロピカリズモ、ジャズ、そしてロックからの影響を更に深く掘り下げており、アルバムのサウンドは、現代ブラジリアン・ミュージックからノイズ、ファンク・カリオカから歪んだディストピア的ボサノヴァの間を行き来している。

また、サンパウロの女性S.S.W.ラウラ・ヴローナとネグロ・レオによるハーモニー、クラウディオ・ブリトによるブラジルの伝統的楽器アタバキ(ハンドドラム)とチンバウ(パーカッション)、そしてヴィニシウス・カントゥアリアによるドラム、ヒカルド・ヂアス・ゴメス(ミ ニモーグ・シンセサイザー)らが参加。チアゴは今作について、「このアルバムは、音楽と反 音楽の合流点での緊張を追求し、それがアルバムの美学を際立たせている」と話している。


released July 3, 2020

Thiago Nassif - vocals, guitar, loops, drum machine, drums, trumpet, rhodes, synth

Arto Lindsay - co-producer, composition (5), guitar (1, 5), vocals
Ricardo Dias Gomes - Minimoog (1), piano (2, 8, 9) clavichord (5) Korg Mono/Poly (6), Yamaha CS50 (6, 7), Rhodes (7, 9)
Jonas Sá - composition (3), ARP Odyssey (5), Korg Mono/Poly (6), Casio VL Tone (6) CR78 Drum Machine (7), 8Bitone+ (7) Minimoog (9, 10) NESynth (9, 10)
Donatinho - clavinet (6)
Marcos Campello - guitar (5, 7)
Pedro Sá - guitar (3, 7, 9, 10) composition (7, 10)
André Sztutman - composition, vocals, guitar (9)
Eduardo Manso - guitar, synth (2, 3, 4)
Bruno Di Lullo - DX100 (2, 8)
Vitor Araújo - venom synths (9)
Bartolo: modular synths (9)
Bella: hering organ, bowl, cassette tapes, noises (9, 10)
Guilherme Lírio - bass (1, 3, 7) composition (10)
Felipe Zenícola - bass (4)
Vinicius Cantuária - drums (1, 2, 4)
Claudio Brito - repique, cuíca, surdo, atabaque, timbau (3, 4) tan tan (9), conga, agogo (10)
Mario Sergio Azul - conga, caxixi, agogô (5)
Gabriela Riley - vocals (1, 9, 10)
Ana Frango Elétrico - vocals (3)
Negro Leo - vocals (4)
Laura Wrona - vocals (4)
Fernanda Zerbini - composition (3, 6, 10)
Lucas Rehnman - composition (7)

Beat in track 6 sampled from ‘Totó’ - Chelpa Ferro’s art installation

Recorded at Maravilha 8, Kassin, Moreno, Sideral and Tilt studios

Some tracks recorded at home and some instruments like guitar, bass and synths at other people’s homes.
Mixed by Martin Scian
Mastered and cut by Darrel Sheinman and Caspar Sutton-Jones at Gearbox Records

Artwork and art conception by Caio Paiva
Pictures by Hick Duarte
Special thanks to Raquel Dimantas, Arthur Bittencourt, Eliana Tufini, Sr. Tabajara, Violeta Saad Farah Nassif, Ana Sofia Gonzales, José Ricardo Farah Nassif, Iza J. M. Farah Nassif, Rosa Zerbini Farah Nassif, Oswaldo Mancini

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