Nasalrod - Building Machines - New LP
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Nasalrod - Building Machines - New LP

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Nasalrod's first 12" release, Building Machines, opens with the urgent riff of Wave Slave, a frenetic yet tuneful song about the tragicomic daily grind. An off-center concoction of contorted guitar figures and shape-shifting rhythms quickly add fuel to the fire, setting the pace for this full length vinyl debut.  

Named after the bone in Screamin' Jay's nose, Nasalrod has found that originality and insanity can go hand in hand.  Lead singer Chariman's sneering, kooky, yet soulful vocals soar over a sound that is simultaneously melodic, violent and convulsive. Spit Stix, guitarist Mustin Douch and bassist Mandy Morgan (formerly of Recess Records band Berzerk) provide a sonic backdrop that is the twisted and theatrical heart of Nasalrod. 


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