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MOAR – Black Milk Celebration Day – New 7"
MOAR – Black Milk Celebration Day – New 7"
Belly Button Records

MOAR – Black Milk Celebration Day – New 7"

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GREEN NOISE US EXCLUSIVE!!! Only available in the US through Green Noise Records!!!  Limited copies.  Sleeve folds out into a poster zine.

This album was recorded two years ago by myself and finished during the corona crisis at home to keep y'all entertained. After recording Poppy Balboa and playing all instruments myself I wanted some more solo recording action. I had these slower songs laying around and thought they wouldn't fit for MOAR in a live setting so decided to do it myself again. I didn't release it in 'till now for no good reason at all. The lyrics of the songs are horrible though. Especially the first one "I'm Jon" I wrote after I met the guy from 72 records in Brussels who's name was Jon. He doesn't work there anymore apparently.

The title was temporary but I kept it as the story I made up around it fits these corona times in a way. A bit apocalyptic and stuff.
Get the physical version to find out more about it and receive the BLACK MILK CELEBRATION DAY zine!

All music/recording/mixing/mastering/artwork by Rafael Valles Hilario


released March 20, 2020

 noisey scuz-pop garage punk, fuzzy as a bare wire sizzling in a puddle of mud on a cement floor...fuzzy as a teddy bear wrapped in bare wire behind the dryer in your aunt's basement.   beautiful ugly filthy pop sound.

Victor Goemaere: Bass
Reno De Ben: Drums
Rafael Valles Hilario: Guitar/Voc

punk bedroom pop fuzz garage garage rock lo-fi psyche stupidcore surf tape Antwerp

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