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Meercaz -  Queen Mary Mill - New LP
Meercaz -  Queen Mary Mill - New LP
Meercaz -  Queen Mary Mill - New LP
Meercaz -  Queen Mary Mill - New LP
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Meercaz - Queen Mary Mill - New LP

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Muzz Delgado (aka Meercaz) is back with a new record, dropping like a zipper on your jumpsuit, side one and side two pieces in the outfit, two very different sides but fitting together just fine on the one album, dropping like a pair of homesewn undies to your handcrafted ankle bracelet, coming from different times and places, and styles, Side Two featuring Muslim (aka Meercaz Worldwide) alone in Oakland with his bedroom hip-hop, licks and sounds and samples and beats, my "bedroom" tag referring both to the sexy content and the DIY aesthetic.  Meanwhile, Side One from L.A. with Samantha Mancino on drums, duo rock n roll that avoids fitting neatly into a section at the Record Land at the indoor shopping mall, sort of recalling the 1970s rock n' roll outfits that blurred genres and stupid sub-genres while having a toe or two in all of them--glam, garage, power pop, punk, R&B, hard rock...opening with the wonderful "Robot Love" and concluding the side with a great cover of Gorilla's 1976 "Sweet Surrender" respectful of the Rick James' rarity without any redundancy.  -- winch (green noise)

Muzz Delgado Vox and Instruments

Muzz is released October 27, 2022

Silk-screened sleeves

Meercaz 1-4:
Recorded in LA 2017 and 2018
Samantha Mancino:Drums

Meercaz Worldwide 5-8:
Recorded in Oakland 2019 and 2020
Produced and Flipped by Meercaz Worldwide

Cover art by Malicia (Domino)
Excutive Producer: Clayton Silva and Muslim Delgado

Thanks to: Vanessa Gonzalez, Clayton, Whitney, Sam Mancino and Malicia.
All songs Hair Krushna (BMI) Except* by Rick James

Extra thanks to Emily Lynn and Cali Marissa the Two Dizzy Dames




You must make sure your music fits into a genre and you fit into a stereotype they've designed for you, and while sometimes the timing just clicks for a band, and fortunately we have independent labels of all sorts and styles, it's good to know that sometimes someone can do what feels right and whatever the shit they want to do, and people like the people involved on this record support it, where Clayton can drop off records in a world where someone like Muzz can make his own music and Cascade Records can press the grooves in a hockey puck and we can share it with you.  It ain't no big thing, but little things can mean a lot. -- green noise

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