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Marinellis, Les - s/t LP
P Trash Records

Marinellis, Les - s/t - New LP

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Garage-rock magic from this Montreal outfit.  You can't go wrong with this band: everything they did is thoroughly enjoyable, bouncing along like some foreigners in a restored 1965 Mopar down a Kentucky gravel road, clearly coming out of places like Memphis, but distinctively Canadian, lyrics sung in French.  Clearly 21st century, but you can't help recall those 60s garage bands from other lands when you give this one a listen.  -- winch



"Listening to the first track one thing falls into place: LE KID is only absorbed in LES MARINELLIS and not blown away, as your mind will do. You’re right there where the great debut left you – deep in a sweeping frisky 60’s garage pop huddle. The second song “Le Ciel“ comes kinda like a lost gem from the DEMON'S CLAWS songbook – pure country psychedelica. Clappin’ hands and shamblin’ through “Deux Pour Trois” then inhalin’ the hazy musing of “Seul” these dudes will bring you to the light of “La Vie” at the end of side A.
The flip side features even five more super catchy tracks in the vein of JAQUES DUTRONC and DEMON'S CLAWS, but the last dance “Mes Yeux” is a goddamned HIT! All performed in a sloppy BLACK LIPS and LE CHELSEA BEAT parlance and at some moments the band reminds me a little of LOS GROWLERS with balls.
There is no doubt about the sound, solid recordings and excellent mastering ensure sweaty adventures in the haunts of your youth. Just taking a look at the cover and you get it: kaleidoscope of color, dark, purple, hazy, naked, sexy!!!"

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