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Man-Eater - Gentle Ballads for the Simple Soul [Cheetah Gold/Black Vinyl] – New LP
Man-Eater - Gentle Ballads for the Simple Soul [Cheetah Gold/Black Vinyl] – New LP
Feel It Records

Man-Eater - Gentle Ballads for the Simple Soul [Cheetah Gold/Black Vinyl] – New LP

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Ripping riff-driven punk rock n roll from the Windy City, heavy like a lead pipe upside the skull, a Frankenstein Mad Max black asphalt machine made from the hard rock of the early 1970s, UK heavy metal of the late 1970s/early 80s and some of the HC outfits from the same era, a man-eating beast roaring down like the winds they call The Hawk in the wintertime along the Lake Michigan shore. -- winch



While Chicago certainly has its sounds, it's a huge sprawling city made up of so many elements, and while folks tend to separate their home plate from neighboring places, in many ways, the creature that is the Windy City sprawls its arms along the industrial shores of Lake Michigan up to Milwaukee on one side and Gary, Indiana on the other, and once you've gone there, you can connect it with the entire industrial shores of the Great Lakes, up to Green Bay, Wisconsin and Muskegon, Michigan, east to the Motor City, Cleveland, Buffalo, even Toronto up in Canada, and the reason I mention all this is because to me, Man-Eater seems forged from the same iron that built the many variations of the hard-driving rock n roll of the Rust Belt region.  Man-Eater might sound more like bands from other regions, but most of those bands built big parts of their machines from the Rust Belt rock of 1944 to 1969. -- winch



From the same Chicago freaks that brought you TARANTÜLA, CÜLO, and BLEEDING GUMS, comes the debut album from MAN-EATERS. "Gentle Ballads for the Simple Soul" sits at the perfect crossroads of ugly '81 LA punk/HC (think "The Decline" or "Hell Comes to Your House") and glammy mid-70's American hard rock. We're talking high quality stuff like the first albums from KISS or BANG! MAN-EATERS combine the precision and drive of golden era US hardcore/punk with the fluid riffing and driving rhythms of 70's hard rock, perhaps bordering on NWOBHM territory as well. Like a sonic shot of Malört, MAN-EATERS' rugged debut roars out of the gate and sits heavier with each spin.

Packaged in a full color jacket featuring incredible original artwork from MAN-EATERS' own Drügface and an 11"x17" color poster.


released February 28, 2020

Recorded by Dylan Piskula at John Cougar Mellencamp's Sex Camp.
Mastered by Bill McElroy at Slipped Disc.
Artwork by Drugface.

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